May 30

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Randolph Bourne 1886

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Donald Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again” would outrage Bourne: How is it, he would want to know, that, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, we are still indulging in the kind of “tight and jealous nationalism” that had sent the European powers into a suicidal war and wreaked so much havoc on America itself? How have we learned nothing from the disasters of Bourne’s own generation? Less than a year after he wrote his essay, the United States joined the war on the Allied side, unleashing a wave of “100 percent Americanism” more virulent than he had dreamed possible. Nativist attacks, vigilantism, race riots, and censorship were inflicted on a terrorized citizenry, native-born and immigrant alike.

Randolph Bourne was an idealist. He hoped for a world free of war, a world in which what he called “the productive and life-enhancing processes” were the dominant processes in our national life. It is appropriate, then, that in the Internet age, he is perhaps best known to the general public, not only for his immortal phrase “War is the health of the State,” but also as the namesake of a nonprofit foundation that runs a popular website.

*Be proud of your country. Be patriotic. But don’t hate other people because they are not from your country. If that’s your attitude, maybe you should still only like people from your high school and no one else.


Idina Menzel 1971 – blueberries, boxing, and Bikram

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Check out the Wicked favorite’s list of ultimate must-haves

Tasty Snack: Blueberries and Pure bars

Healthy Dinner Ideas: Sushi, chicken, tilapia, spinach and Brussels sprouts

Workout Routine: Bikram yoga and boxing

*You’ve got a snack, workout, and dinner ideas. And you can watch Menzel in Wicked


Gale Sayers 1943

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In 1969, Gale Sayers began writing his autobiography, “I Am Third.” It included a chapter on his friend and roommate, Brian Piccolo. Sayers’ account of his relationship with Piccolo was turned into one of the most popular TV flicks of all time, and, of course, a sports movie classic.

“Brian’s Song” won an Emmy Award, was frequently rerun on TV, and became a staple of school assemblies — its message of racial harmony, friendship, gutsiness and compassion struck a chord then, and still does three decades later.

*Watch Brian’s Song for a refresher’s course on racial harmony, friendship, gutsiness, and compassion.


CeeLo Green 1974

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Focus on selling the things you can’t pirate, the real scarcities. And we’re not talking (as our critics always insist) about tangible goods like t-shirts, but selling the person. Primary Wave may be positioned as publishing and management, but its real business is marketing.

Collaborate with influencers.

Another way to gain a new audience and extend brand awareness is by collaborating with the top influencers in your industry.

*365DOLF continues to tell you about the importance of marketing. In the end, it’s the money maker. Listen to CeeLo Green for motivation.


Duncan Jones 1971 – watch Moon

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It would be unfair to say Duncan Jones was flying under the radar ahead of his feature film debut, Moon. In fact, for a mere $7 million sci-fi movie made by a newcomer with one recognizable actor, the anticipation was at a veritable fever pitch for one simple reason: It was an intriguing space mystery movie made by David Bowie’s son.

*Watch this intriguing space mystery made by David Bowie’s son – Duncan Jones.


Bob Evans 1918 – weekend brunch casserole

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Bob Evans believed in treating strangers like friends and friends like family; and those principles are alive today at every Bob Evans Restaurant.

*Invite some friends and/or strangers over for brunch and make them this Bob Evans brunch casserole. Or just meet them at your local Bob Evans restaurant.

SNUB – Wynonna Judd

Review –

  • Don’t hate someone because they’re not from your country
  • Blueberries, boxing, and Bikram
  • Watch Brian’s Song
  • Marketing is the money maker
  • Watch Moon
  • Make a Weekend Brunch Casserole

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