October 15

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Friedrich Nietzsche 1844

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“Overman” refers to Nietzsche’s conception of a person who has literally overcome himself/herself and transcended all external influence. In essence, an Overman is an extraordinary person who has superseded the human condition and reached a liberated state of free play and creativity.


Make your own values

“The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

In a world of quasi-ethics based on profit, pseudo-morals based on advantage, and counterfeit love based on possession, it behooves us to make our own values. Like Nietzsche said, “No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” Break away from the humdrum tribe and find that which is indestructible within you. Become a force unto yourself. Shift all paradigms. Demolish all sacred cows.


*Make it your goal to become an Overman. The first step is to make your own values.


John L. Sullivan 1858

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Here is my challenge to you, dear reader, take a Saturday off and try John L. Sullivan’s workout sometime! Get up early and start walking for six or seven hours, then run, then swim, then wrestle and then do a boxing workout! Walking that far in and of itself is deeply exhausting, now go to the gym!


*Try this John L. Sullivan workout today. Make it a yearly tradition on his birthday.


Marie-Marguerite d’Youville 1701

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By age 29, she had experienced desperate poverty and suffered the loss of her father and husband. Four of her six children had died in infancy.

In all these suffering Marguerite grew in her belief of God’s presence in her life and of his tender love for every human person. She, in turn, wanted to make known his compassionate love to all. She undertook many charitable works with complete trust in God, who she loved as a Father.


*Turn your latest suffering as a chance to grow in the belief of God’s presence in your life and of his tender love for everybody.


Penny Marshall 1943

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Marshall says that she is still surprised to have had such a successful and glamorous life and career. “I didn’t have a lot of ambition,” she says. So to what does she attribute her success? “I was insecure but fearless at the same time, an odd combination.”

She suspects it helped enormously that her motto in life is: “I’ll try it.”



*You may be insecure about starting your own business – be fearless at the same time. Use Penny Marshall’s motto: “I’ll try it.”


Dominic West 1969 – watch “The Affair”

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In 2014, West kicked off his run on Showtime’s The Affair as Noah Solloway, a married novelist who pursues his passion for Ruth Wilson‘s waitress, Alison Lockhart. The series became known for its steamy love scenes—West often appears in the nude—and its shifting point-of-view narrative, garnering another Golden Globe nomination for its male lead (and a win for Wilson) along the way.


Love needs kind words

Noah once revealed that his wife Helen made him feel like he wasn’t providing enough for the family. He felt that Helen could have given him a pat on the back now and again. That doesn’t justify his cheating, but it could have helped their relationship. Noah’s family has to depend on his wife’s wealthy father for help, which made him feel like a failure.



*Season 1 of The Affair is the best one, watch it with the one you love and appreciate.


Emeril Lagasse 1959 – cheese and beer soup

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Emeril Lagasse Foundation seeks to create opportunities to inspire, mentor and enable youth to reach their fullest potential through culinary, nutrition and arts education.


Cheese And Beer Soup

You’ll LOVE this soup. And be sure to add the Cheesy Popcorn to it to really send it over the edge.


*Enjoy Emeril’s cheese and beer soup while watching Penny Marshall in Laverne and Shirley as they work in a Milwaukee beer distributor. Bam!

SNUB – Ginuwine

Review –

  • Make your own values
  • Attempt a John L. Sullivan workout
  • Turn your latest suffering as a chance to grow in the belief of God’s presence
  • Have an “I’ll try it” attitude
  • Watch The Affair
  • Make Cheese and Beer soup

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