October 14

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Dwight D. Eisenhower 1890

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Eisenhower smoked three or four packs of cigarettes a day, picking up the habit while he was a student at West Point and quitting only a few years before he became President. His initial attempt involved excising tobacco and the related accoutrements from his daily life, but it didn’t work, so he went in the other direction. “I decided to make a game of the whole business and try to achieve a feeling of some superiority when I saw others smoking while I no longer did,” he said. The politician crammed cigarettes and lighters into every nook of his office. “I made it a practice to offer a cigarette to anyone who came in and I lighted each while mentally reminding myself as I sat down, ‘I don’t have to do what that poor fellow is doing.’”



To use the tool, list all of your tasks and activities, and put each into one of the following categories:

  • Important and urgent.
  • Important but not urgent.
  • Not important but urgent.
  • Not important and not urgent.

Then schedule tasks and activities based on their importance and urgency.



*Try President Eisenhower’s tool for effectiveness today, with all of your tasks and activities. If you haven’t done so yet, quit smoking.


Stacy Keibler 1979

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Yes, and yes. Those are the answers, assuming the questions are “Is Stacy Keibler one of the most gorgeous Superstars of all time?” and, “Do they go all the way up?”


According to Stacy, the key to being fit and healthy is to practice some kind of exercise every day and to sweat at least for 10 minutes daily.


*Sweat for 10 minutes today. Try to do this simple thing every day. Maybe achieve this sweat with a leg workout.


John Wooden 1910

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Coach: The Life and Legacy of John R. Wooden

Join us for the premiere of this free documentary event. The documentary short entitled Coach: The Life and Legacy of John R. Wooden celebrates the lessons and life philosophy of the legendary UCLA basketball coach. Wooden’s legacy reaches so far that he is considered by many to be the 20th century’s most revered teacher and master mentor. You’ll see seldom-before-seen Wooden footage and interviews with some of the most successful coaches, athletes and thought leaders who were all influenced by Coach Wooden’s teachings and philosophies for a successful life. Watch now!


At God’s footstool, to confess, A poor soul knelt and bowed his head.I failed, he cried. The master said, Thou didst thy best. That is success.”


*When you are at God’s footstool will you confess that you have failed? Can you confess that you did your best? Watch the Wooden documentary for inspiration.


Ralph Lauren 1939

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In the 1957 DeWitt Clinton High School yearbook, Ralph Lauren wrote “millionaire” as one of his life goals.

Today, he has an estimated net worth of $7 billion


*Can you remember what you wrote for your senior yearbook as one of your life goals? How’s it going? What would the 18-year-old you think of your financial situation today? Adjust accordingly.


Usher 1978

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Usher is asking a Georgia court to dismiss a lawsuit by Laura Helm that alleges he knowingly infected her with the herpes simplex 2 virus (HSV-2). Usher claims he owed Helm no “duty of care” and that she knew of the risks of unprotected sex.


*Listen to Usher with that special someone – you know the risks.


William Penn 1644 – Pennsylvania Dutch Cucumbers

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Penn petitioned King Charles II for additional land to the west of the Delaware River, and he received a charter for this territory in 1681. He was made proprietor and governor of the new colony, which the king titled “Pennsylvania,” and he moved there in 1682. He immediately began to direct this “holy experiment” by planning the new colony’s government, writing its constitution, distributing land to settlers and establishing positive, peaceful relations with the local Indians.


Pennsylvania Dutch Cucumbers

My mom’s side of the family was German and Irish. Settling in Pennsylvania, they adopted some of the cooking and customs of the Pennsylvania Dutch. This is a Dutch dish Mom loved, and today it’s my favorite garden salad. It tastes delicious alongside a plate of homegrown tomatoes.



*Growing up in PA, I ate cucumbers like this about 3 times a week and never got sick of them.

SNUB – E.E. Cummings

Review –

  • Use Ike’s tool for effectiveness
  • Sweat for 10 minutes
  • Confess that you have failed
  • What would the 18 year-old you think of your finances?
  • Listen to Usher
  • Make Pennsylvania Dutch Cucumbers

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