October 24

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Stephen Covey 1932

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Change, Choice and Principles

“There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.”

Change, choice and principles give you the power to achieve your dreams.

You can change your life, if you align your choices with the timeless principles that produce success.

With the weapons of change, choice and principles, impossibilities become possibilities.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

7 Habits That Will Increase Your Personal and Professional Effectiveness

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*Register for an online seminar or start reading the book.


Wayne Rooney 1985

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‘If I go abroad I like to get into the hotel gym three times a week to work on the treadmill and do some weight work. That way I can be sharp when we get back to training and the running will feel easier when the pre-season games start.’


*Get to the gym and work on the treadmill and do some weight work today.


Brenda Ueland 1891

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Just do it – Anyone can write (paint, draw, sing, play music, fill in the ______) if they have the courage to get started. Writing is just a metaphor for creativity – and everyone is creative.



*If you still haven’t done so yet, have the courage to get started today. Create from your soul.


Drake 1986

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The rapper is a Canadian citizen. Thanks to NAFTA, even though he earns money in the U.S., he pays income taxes only in Canada. The Canadian federal tax rate for Drake’s income level is 29%. However, Drake lives in Toronto, Ontario. He pays an additional 13% Province tax rate for Ontario. That gives a total Drake tax rate of 42%.


Overview of Federal Taxes

Income in America is taxed by the federal government, most states governments and many local governments. The federal income tax system is progressive, so the rate of taxation increases as income increases. Marginal tax rates range from 10% to 39.6%.


Your 2017 Federal Income Tax Plus FICA : $25,789

Your Income Taxes Breakdown

Tax Type Marginal Tax Rate Effective Tax Rate 2017 Taxes 2018 Trump Taxes*
Federal 25.00% 18.14% $18,139 $15,410
FICA 7.65% 7.65% $7,650 $7,650
State 0.00% 0.00% $0 $0
Local 0.00% 0.00% $0 $0
Total Income Taxes $25,789 $23,060
Income After Taxes $74,211 $76,941

* These will be the taxes owed for the 2018 – 2019 filing season.

*Go online and calculate your income taxes. Fortunately I live in Florida and only have to pay federal taxes. My wife and I combine for about $100,000 per year – so the above is our estimation. It hurts to see how much is taken away, but at least I’m not Drake. Sorry


Kevin Kline 1947 – watch A Fish Called Wanda

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In A Fish Called Wanda, Kline’s Otto is a pseudo-intellectual who constantly misinterprets everything from the teachings of Buddhist philosophy to the writings of Nietzsche. According to Cleese, his character was inspired by the real-life self-help guru Zen Master Rama, sometimes called the “yuppie guru.”


*Watch Kevin Kline win an Oscar for best supporting actor in A Fish Called Wanda.

FOOD 1994

Jalen Ramsey – Vienna sausages, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Mike and Ikes, Powerade, French fries

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The Jaguars cornerback found that out after he tweeted a photo of what he was eating for dinner one night in early July. It wasn’t exactly what you’d call a nutritional powerhouse: Vienna sausages covered in hot sauce, a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a box of Mike and Ike and a 32-ounce Powerade. “I did give him a hard time because at the time he was doing that he was also getting meals delivered to his house. I’m like, ‘You have healthy meals in your refrigerator!’ And he swore to me that was his cheat meal.”

“Everybody saw the meal I was eating on Twitter,” Ramsey said. “It wasn’t my real dinner, granted, but I still eat Vienna sausages and hot Cheetos as snacks sometimes. Also, my favorite food in the whole world is french fries. If there was only one thing I could eat for the rest of my life, I’d pick french fries.”


*Have a cheat day like Jalen Ramsey and include his favorite – French fries on the side.

SNUB – B.D. Wong


  • Learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Treadmill and weight work
  • Create from your soul
  • Figure out your taxes
  • Watch A Fish Called Wanda
  • Cheat Day (french fries included)


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