January 3


Mel Gibson 1956

*Use the start of the New Year to be contrite in your life.  Think about the mistakes you have made and seek out ways of correcting them.


Eli Manning 1981 Image result for eli manning super bowl

Play catch in the yard with your dad and brothers.


Lucretia Mott 1793 Image result for lucretia mott

“If our principles are right, why should we be cowards?”

*Take Mott’s advice today – stand strong in your principles


J.R.R Tolkien 1892

“I never expected a money success,” “In fact, I never even thought of commercial publication when I wrote The Hobbit back in the Thirties.”

*Do what you love and the money will come – a common theme of 365dolf


Thomas Bangalter 1975 – listen to Daft Punk

*Spin your sweetie while listening to Daft Punk


Greta Thunberg 2003

See the source image

Vegan activist Greta Thunberg has revealed that she convinced her parents to stop eating animals by ‘making them feel guilty’.

*Try to go vegan today. At least don’t eat any animals.

SNUB – Michael Schumacker 1969


  • Be contrite and ask for forgiveness
  • Play catch with your dad and brothers
  • Stick to your principles
  • Do what you enjoy – the money will come
  • Listen to Daft Punk
  • Don’t eat any animals