January 5



Chuck Noll 1932

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“I think everybody under Chuck’s leadership grew as players and people,” said former wide receiver Lynn Swann

*Take today to help someone grow as a person


Bradley Cooper 1975

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For his role in American Sniper, Cooper went to the gym for 4 hours a day.

*Act like you’re preparing for a movie role and go to the gym for 4 hours today


Francisco Suarez 1548

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“The church’s object is the health of each individual soul and its spiritual salvation, as opposed to the state whose jurisdiction is solely temporal, concerned with the common good in secular life.”

*Regardless of your thoughts on religion, Use the church as a safe haven from the ugliness of politics.  Attend church with an open heart and clear mind, and as an escape for a few hours each week. 


King C. Gillette 1855

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  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities
  • Good ideas come from common problems

*Any time that you have a problem this year, ask yourself how you could make money off of fixing that problem.


Diane Keaton 1946 – (Kay Adams)

Robert Duvall 1931 – (Tom Hagen) – watch The Godfather

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*As Diane Keaton and Robert Duvall share a birthday, they also share some scenes in The Godfather. Ironically, Talia Shire and Al Pacino share a birthday on 4/25. Watch The Godfather today and part 2 on April 25.


January Jones 1978

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“I’m from South Dakota, so meat, potatoes, carbs.”

*Eat like January Jones today – meat, potatoes, and carbs!

SNUB – Carrie Ann Inaba 1968


  • Lead someone to be a better person
  • 4 hours in the gym today
  • Use church as an escape
  • Solve a common problem
  • Watch The Godfather
  • Meat, potatoes, and carbs

January 4



Sir Isaac Newton 1643

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*If something isn’t catching your heart, Newton’s life suggests to drop it and move to something else.

Kris Bryant 1992

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“In college, my team did the CrossFit WOD Murph. It was ridiculously hard, but it definitely got me in shape.”
For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

*Try doing the “Murph” today. Any parts that you can’t do, focus on improving those areas this year.

Louis Braille 1809

*In honor of Louis Braille’s birthday, volunteer at learningally.org to help produce audio books for the blind. A way to donate time instead of money

Don Shula 1930

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When it comes to business, Shula suggests: Find great people, then focus on the fundamentals.

*Find your passion this year. Find great people to help and focus on the fundamentals.


Dyan Cannon 1937 – watch Heaven Can Wait 1978

*Watch Dyan Cannon almost win an Oscar in Heaven Can Wait

Graham Elliot 1977 – S’mores Pie

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*Use Graham crackers to make Graham’s s’mores pie

SNUB – Michael Stipe 1960 – listen to R.E.M while going to sleep tonight


  • If it’s not in your heart, drop it and move on
  • The Murph
  • Volunteer at learningally.org
  • Find great people and focus on the fundamentals
  • Watch Heaven Can Wait, 1978
  • S’mores Pie