January 28



Jackson Pollock 1912

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*Do you want to sound smart about art? At least about Jackson Pollock on his birthday. Take the above course on him through Khan Academy. If you are young, you know all about Khan Academy. If you’re older, you’ll be upset that it wasn’t available when you were in school.


Andre Iguodala 1984

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Iguodala has a strict “no screens, no lights” bedtime routine that involves “shutting down all the phones, putting everything on airplane mode, getting my alarm clock set, and taking a couple deep breaths.

“Sleep more and work out more.”

*When you go to bed tonight, perform Andre Iguodala’s nightly routine to get more sleep and don’t forget to work out more too.


Gregg Popovich 1949

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“Win the championship? I don’t know, but it’s not a priority in my life. I’d be much happier if I knew that my players were going to make society better, who had good families and who took care of the people around them.”


*Take today to make society better. Work on making your family better. Take care of the people around you. Work hard at your job or business, but stay focused on being more than successful in your job.


Carlos Slim 1940

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Invest in areas that customers find it difficult to avoid you

Carlos has invested in real estate, bakeries, telecoms, education institutions, healthcare, fashion, museums etc. By doing this, he is serving his customers every day in different ways. People joke that: Mexico should be renamed “Slimlandia” because it is impossible to avoid contributing to his vast empire.

*It’s never been easier to invest. Invest online and focus on areas that people can’t avoid. As you go through your day, observe what people “have” to do (cell phones, groceries, gas, etc.)


Nick Carter 1988

Joey Fatone 1977

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*Boy bands were never better than at the height of the Backstreet Boys and Nsync. With Nick Carter and Joey Fatone sharing a birthday, enjoy a mix of both groups and decide for yourself which one was best.


Ariel Winter 1998

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“I tried it recently and I just fell in love with it,” Winter said. “I go through stages like every three months, I pick a new favorite food and it’s currently mint chocolate chip ice cream. So I have six different companies of mint chocolate chip ice cream in my freezer currently.”

*Get some mint chocolate chip ice cream and watch Winter in Modern Family

SNUB – J. Cole 1985

Review –

  • Use Khan Academy to learn about Jackson Pollock
  • Sleep more and work out more
  • Make society better
  • Invest in “must haves”
  • Listen to N’Sync and Backstreet Boys
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream