April 15



Leonardo da Vinci 1452

Leonardo da Vinci - Paintings, Inventions & Quotes - Biography

Leonardo da Vinci had CURIOSITÀ — “An insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.”

*Have CURIOSITA like Leonardo da Vinci. 

BONUS: Emma Watson 1990 – watch Beauty and the Beast

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Belle’s insatiable appetite for knowledge inspires us to learn something new every day.

*Watch Emma as Belle in Beauty and the Beast – as an example of CURIOSITA


Antonio Cromartie 1984

Jets Release Antonio Cromartie - WSJ

Antonio says his top 3 drills are:

  • Jump Balls
  • 5-Cone Reactions
  • Tire Pulls

*The above website has videos and descriptions of the Antonio Cromartie workout.


Just having 14 children would leave most people in awe, but the news is especially noteworthy with Cromartie because he supposedly got snipped in 2013. Clearly the vasectomy didn’t take because this is Cromartie’s third child since the alleged procedure.

*Invest in birth control.


Maisie Williams 1997

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“If you’re constantly trying to please everyone else, then you’re just gonna be an unhappy person. As long as you are happy, then leave other people alone. Do not make other people unhappy to fuel your happiness.”

*Make yourself happy, then leave other people alone.


Roy Raymond 1947

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*Roy Raymond started Victoria’s Secret but sold the company shortly before killing himself. Don’t worry about money, but don’t give up on your dreams either. If it’s your dream, see it through.


Emma Thompson 1959 – watch Howards End

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*Watch Emma Thompson win an Oscar in Howards End.


Seth Rogen 1982 – wiener wellington

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*Learn how to make it from the very funny video and then invite your best friends over to watch Sausage Party while enjoying Seth Rogen’s wiener wellington. Wash it down with a Pineapple Express cocktail.

SNUB – Luke Evans 1979

Review –

  • Antonio Cromartie workout
  • Make yourself happy
  • Don’t give up on your dreams
  • Watch Howards End
  • Make wiener wellington