October 15



Friedrich Nietzsche 1844

Friedrich Nietzsche (GIF) | Friedrich nietzsche, Nietzsche, Beyond good and  evil

“If we possess a why of life we can put up with almost any how.”

*You should know your “why” by now. Keep reminding yourself of your goals to get you through.

What is your “why” of life?


John L. Sullivan 1858


John L. Sullivan’s workout included getting up early and walking for six or seven hours, then run, then swim, then wrestle and then do a boxing workout!

*Try this John L. Sullivan workout today. Make it a yearly tradition on his birthday.

Get up early []  Walk for 6 hours []       Run []   Swim []            Wrestle []         Boxing workout []

BONUS: Anthony Joshua 1989

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“I wake up at the crack of dawn and the first thing we’re going to do is hit the lungs with a cardio session. Whether it’s bike, swimming or running, we’re going to do intervals for 40 minutes. After that, we’ll head to a strength and conditioning centre for two hours, and after a chill-out, you’re back in the boxing gyms. Boxing is the hardest part of the day.”

*Follow the above quote if you want to live like a modern heavyweight boxer.


Bailee Madison 1999

Bailee Madison GIF - Bailee Madison Young - Discover & Share GIFs

“If you have God in your life, if you just look to your Heavenly Father -despite struggles and hard times- He is always watching over you.”

*Remember that God is watching over you today.


Kevin Harrington 1956

AsSeenOnTV.pro - BMGcreative

“By using an investor’s money, you aren’t completely putting your finances (and future) in danger. Yes, you still have to return the money, and interest is also part of the equation, but you are using money to help you make more money — not spending money on a cruise with a credit card (aka money that was spent and isn’t coming back).”

*If you are going to go into debt, make sure it is to help you eventually make money.


Penny Marshall 1943 – watch A League of Their Own

I got: 11/12 Nice job! Watching TV pays off. | Tv theme songs, Tv themes,  Laverne & shirley

*Watch Marshall’s direction of this classic that was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2012. No crying today!


Emeril Lagasse 1959 – Roasted Vampire Chicken for Halloween

Chef Emeril Bam GIFs | Tenor

*Two weeks to Halloween so make Emeril’s roasted vampire chicken.


SNUB – Dominic West 1969

Dominic West Tvresidence GIF - Dominic West Tvresidence The Affair -  Discover & Share GIFs

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