November 19



Larry King 1933 (d. 1/23/21 – possibly from Covid-19)

Larry King GIFs | Tenor

“I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.”

*What did you learn by listening today?


Adam Driver 1983

Adam Driver GIFs | Tenor

When Driver was starting out as an actor, he had his own unique way of training.

Morning:          eat six eggs []                                       run 5 miles []    

Afternoon:       eat a whole chicken for lunch []             do 1,000 push-ups []

*Have a day like Kylo Ren. Do not kill any young Jedi.


Tyga 1989

Tyga GIFs | Tenor

Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, known as Tyga (a backronym for Thank you God always),

*What would you like to Thank God for today?


Ted Turner 1938 – net worth $2.12 billion

Ted Turner | Life lessons, Master class, Oprah

Ted Turner’s Advice – jot down notes for each –

Action Item #1: Decide You’ll Be a Success

Action Item #2: Never Quit

Action Item #3: Work Hard

*Hopefully you have already decided that you’ll be a success. If not, today’s the day. All it takes after that is to work hard and never quit.


Jack Welch 1935 – net worth $750 million – “Control your own destiny or someone else will.”

Calvin Klein 1942 – net worth $700 million – “I don’t dwell on success. Maybe that’s one reason I’m successful.”

Jack Dorsey 1978 – net worth $4.85 billion – “Expect the unexpected. And whenever possible, be the unexpected.”


Jodie Foster 1962 – watch The Accused

Omega Beta Zeta — The Accused (1988)

*Watch Foster win an Oscar in The Accused. Save Silence of the Lambs for NYE.

BONUS: Allison Janney 1959 – watch I, Tonya

i'm here but i'm not here

*Watch Janney win an Oscar in I, Tonya.

Which movie did you prefer?


Meg Ryan 1961 – When Harry Met Sally Katz deli turkey sandwich (It’s what she’s having)

When Harry Met Sally GIFs | Tenor

The sandwich came with Russian dressing and slaw, but since Sally’s “picky… she wants everything separate or on the side.”

“In a recent study, we have reports of people who have experienced orgasm from eating chocolate, tiramisu, tres leches cake, a tuna sandwich, and a ripe cherry tomato.”

*Make a Katz turkey sandwich and really enjoy it. For dessert have some chocolate, tiramisu, and tres leches cake.

BONUS: Rocco DiSpirito 1966 – Turkey Rueben sandwich recipe

SNUB – James Garfield 1831 “Being snubbed is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Death By Doctor: The Assassination of James A. Garfield – Virally  Suppressed – Muckraking For The Modern World

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