April 3



Eddie Murphy 1961

“I haven’t read a newspaper in 20 years. I don’t look at the computer or anything. You have to have a filter on what you let in.”

*Filter what you let in today. Try to go the whole day without seeing any news. You can catch up tomorrow.


Leona Lewis 1985

7.30am: Green vegetable tofu scramble []           12pm: A handful of chocolate-dipped almonds []

2.30: Lettuce, edamame, carrot, sprout & cherry tomato salad with ginger garlic dressing []

6pm: A spoonful of homemade nut and date spread []

9pm: (Cat Cora’s) Pesto pasta with tofu and roasted vegetables []

“I do four hour-long workouts per week – everything from SoulCycle to hiking with my dog.”

Check off as you go –

Normal day of eating for Leona Lewis []          SoulCycle []    

Hiking with your dog []


Jane Goodall 1934

“Do apes have souls, I ask. ‘I think that if we have souls, then they must have souls too,’ I am a cultural Christian, but I prefer to talk in terms of ‘believing in some great spiritual path. I’ve felt it in the forests.”

*I think that I am a cultural Christian. I genuinely believe that by being a good person, I am on the right path to the afterlife. If not, at least I made the world around me the best that I could. Take today to hike with your dog and think about your beliefs.

What is your great spiritual path?


Alec Baldwin 1958

Always Be Closing

*It’s all about selling. If you’re not good at selling, take today to pursue becoming better at it. And remember – coffee is for closers! Watch Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross for motivation.


Marlon Brando 1924 –watch On the Waterfront

*All 3 Godfathers are suggested this year, so watch Brando win an Oscar in On the Waterfront


Cat Cora 1967 – fava bean pesto

*Use the recipe found at 365dolf.com from Cat Cora, for your pesto and pasta this evening.


SNUB – Wayne Newton 1942 – “Danke Schoen”

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