April 11



Jason Varitek 1972

Jason Varitek only got one hit when he played in the 1984 Little League World Series, but he is the only player to play in the LLWS, College World Series Championship, MLB World Series, Olympics, and World Baseball Classic.

*Do not let early disappointment keep you down. Keep working towards your dreams.


Alessandra Ambrosio 1981

Alessandra demanded long legs, thinner thighs, and a tight buttock. This gave birth to a great idea called “Brazil Butt Lift”

*Perform the Brazil Butt Lift today.



Ethel Kennedy 1928

Despite a life of privilege, Ethel knows tragedy. Her parents were killed in a plane crash in 1955. Besides her husband, she lost 2 children — Michael in a skiing accident and David from a drug overdose.

*No matter how great someone’s life looks, remember that people are dealing with life’s tragedies all the time. You do not know what the people that you encounter today are dealing with.


David Banner 1974

“Have a financial mentor. There’s nothing more empowering than being around those who are more experienced than you. Toward this goal, having a mentor–someone detached from your financial success–is crucial in order to “watch those who watch your money.”

*Who is your financial mentor?

How have they helped you?


Jennifer Esposito 1973 – watch Crash

*Watch Esposito win 5 awards for Best Ensemble in Crash


Joss Stone 1987

“I eat everything, I’m not fussy – as long as it hasn’t got a face.”

Breakfast: “Bacon does smell good to me, but then you’ve got veggie bacon and all that kind of stuff. I like beany pancakes: my mum used to make crêpes and put beans and cheese and tomatoes in the middle, that’s the best.” []

Lunch: “When you’re out touring Europe they don’t understand what vegetarian means. ‘You can eat chicken? No? How about some fish then?’ So I’ll have to eat pizza and sweets – it’s bad. But I usually just have some bread in the dressing room, butter, some salad, and I’ll make myself a salad sandwich.” []

Dinner: “I like lasagna with veggie Quorn mince. I like to marinate the little Quorn pieces in all sorts of things, tomato sauces and onions, and you can put it in pitta bread with salad.” []

Snacks: I’m definitely a chocolate fan. I told my mum I was gonna be in the new Flake adverts and she was like, ‘OK, you have to ask for a lifetime supply of Flakes for your mum!” []

Drinks: I drink a peppermint tea that has cayenne pepper in it, a little bit of honey, lemon. It’s so spicy but it keeps me well. I smoke more when I go home to Devon, because I drink when I go home. A pint and a rollie: it just goes in hand-in-hand. I drink lager – I like Kronenbourg 1664 – lovely!” []

*Listen to Joss Stone’s music as you make the food to eat like her all day.


SNUB – Michelle Phan 1987

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