May 3



Niccolo Machiavelli 1469

“There is such a gap between how one lives and how one should live that he who neglects what is being done for what should be done will learn his destruction rather than his preservation.”

*Take today to compare how you are living to how you should be living.

How you are living

How you should be living


Cheryl Burke 1984

“Dancing is the best exercise,”

“Not only is it great cardio, but it works everything, strengthening your whole body.”

*Take your better half dancing tonight. Dance like James Brown!


James Brown 1933 – The Godfather of Soul

What became known as soul music in the Sixties, funk music in the Seventies and rap music in the Eighties is directly attributable to James Brown.

*Listen to the Godfather of Soul James Brown, until you can scream – “I feel good!”

How did listening to James Brown make you feel?


Damon Dash 1971

“I’m mad at y’all for having the same job for 25 years…I can’t imagine doing the same shit every day having to be told what to do every day…and ask to go on vacation.”

*As I type this, I’m in my 26th year of teaching. I wish I would have seen this quote 27 years ago.


Bing Crosby 1903 – watch Going My Way

*Watch Bing win an Oscar in Going My Way.


Christina Hendricks 1975 – Rub-All-Over-Your-Body cornbread stuffing

“Each year I try to make our gathering feel like a really wonderful home-cooked meal out in the country,”

*We are halfway to the holidays. Use Hendricks’ recipes to get a practice meal in.

Wash it all down with a Christina Hendricks Gold and Soda Cocktail

SNUB – Rebecca Hall 1982