May 19



Ho Chi Minh 1890

The 5th lesson from Uncle Ho: Humility. Honesty. Bravery.

*Practice humility, honesty, and bravery today. Be a Ho


Georges St-Pierre 1981

*Get to an MMA gym and attempt Georges St-Pierre’s Kick-Ass Workout.


Malcolm X 1925

“Well, I’ve done a lot of traveling and, I think over all, travel does broaden one’s soul.”

*Broaden your soul by traveling. Go on or plan a trip today.


Kevin Garnett 1976

Garnett retired in 2016 as the highest-paid NBA player in history at the time, having earned $326 million. Kevin’s lawsuit alleges that Wertheim funneled money to a guy named Charles Banks IV who then invested the money in a bunch of shady ventures. When it’s all said and done, Kevin claims $77 million vanished. When you factor in taxes, he lost almost 45% of all the money he earned.

*Who is helping you watch over your money?

What are you investing in and how risky is it?

BONUS: Watch Garnett star alongside Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems for more MONEY lessons.


Grace Jones 1948 and Berenice Marlohe 1979 – watch Skyfall

*Watch Jones as a villain and Marlohe as a Bond Girl in Skyfall.

Which character did you like better?


Nicole Brown Simpson 1959 (d. 6/12/1994)

Eatery Where Nicole Simpson Had Last Meal Is Auctioned Off

The former wife of OJ Simpson had a nice meal at the Mezzaluna cafe. Her last meal was: Rigatoni, Salad, and Ice Cream

*Go out to your favorite Italian place and eat like it’s your last meal. Do not flirt with the waiter and do not leave your sunglasses behind.

BONUS: Andre the Giant (7’4) 1946 – drink 156 beers

Andre’s unofficial record is 156 beers in one sitting

DOUBLE BONUS – Peter Mayhew (7’3) 1944 – Wookie cookies

*Andre the Giant (7’4) and the man who plays Chewbacca (7’3) share a birthday (2 years apart)

SNUB – Eleanor Tomlinson 1992