May 30



Cee Lo Green 1974

*FORGET YOU by Cee Lo Green teaches you one of the most important lessons in life – knowing how to let go of your past. Listen to it today (edited or not)

After listening to ‘FORGET YOU’, how can you let go of your past?


Idina Menzel 1971 – blueberries, boxing, and Bikram

Check out the Wicked favorite’s list of ultimate must-haves

Tasty Snack: Blueberries and Pure bars

Healthy Dinner Ideas: Sushi, chicken, tilapia, spinach and Brussels sprouts

Workout Routine: Bikram yoga and boxing

*You’ve got a snack, workout, and dinner ideas. And you can watch Menzel in Wicked


Gale Sayers 1943

Sayers’ account of his relationship with Piccolo was turned into “Brian’s Song” which won an Emmy Award — its message of racial harmony, friendship, gutsiness and compassion struck a chord.

*Watch Brian’s Song for a refresher’s course on racial harmony, friendship, gutsiness, and compassion.


Marissa Mayer 1975

“Don’t forget to be bold.”

She considers those five words every day as the CEO of Yahoo … and gives similar advice to others:

“If you really want to create something transformational — if you really want to make a difference in your life and other people’s lives — yes, it’s always easy to take the safer incremental choice and to iterate … But remember to be bold.”

*As you continue to create your dream business, do not forget to be bold.

This quote could be part of your daily morning routine.


Duncan Jones 1971 – watch Moon

*Watch David (Jones) Bowie’s son win a BAFTA Award for Moon.


Bob Evans 1918 – weekend brunch casserole

Bob Evans believed in treating strangers like friends and friends like family; and those principles are alive today at every Bob Evans Restaurant.

*Invite some friends and/or strangers over for brunch and make them this Bob Evans brunch casserole.

SNUB – Jenny Mollen 1979