May 17



Jim Nantz 1959

“People say ‘dream big,’ that’s kind of one of those motivational sayings, but I would dream hard, meaning I just wanted it so badly, I could feel it.”

*Dream hard today. Also say “hello friends” to everyone you encounter.

What do you want so badly, that it hurts?


Tony Parker 1982

“This year I wanted to get stronger. I think if I want to prolong my career and if I want to be here a long time I need to take care of my body and pay attention more to what I eat, get sleep, and make sure I work out every day.”

*Take today to get stronger, pay attention to what you eat, and get enough sleep.

Weight room []             Eat well []                     8 hours of sleep []


Deitrick Haddon 1973

“Heaven keeps good records & I have no reason to lie!!! I met the young lady when I moved to L.A a broken mess & God used her to keep me from committing suicide twice!!”

*God sends us people to help. Don’t ignore the people who are sent to you.

Who has God sent to help you?


Nikki Reed 1988

On her first investment… “The very first thing I wanted to do when I could afford it was buy a tiny piece of income property—it was more important for me to do that than buy a house for myself.”

*How can you buy a tiny piece of income property by the end of this year?


Dennis Hopper 1936 – watch Easy Rider

*Watch Hopper almost win an Oscar in Easy Rider and plan a road trip.


Sugar Ray Leonard 1956 – body blow ribs

*Eat these “Body Blow Ribs” while watching Easy Rider

CROSSOVER: BODY – Get another boxing workout in today in honor of Sugar Ray.

SNUB – Levin Rambin 1990