May 25



Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803

“The sum of wisdom is that time is never lost that is devoted to work.”

“Commit to work on yourself every day, to become a little better, a little smarter, and in time the best version of you will be realized.”

*Work on yourself today. Become a little better, a little smarter – the goal of 365DOLF. Read Nature – his essay in which he put forward the foundation of Transcendentalism.


Roman Reigns 1985

The main contributor to his success is the intense workouts he goes through.

*Follow the “Big Dog’s” workout


Aly Raisman 1994

“I would like to be remembered for standing up for the right thing. It’s always more important to do the right thing than to win medals. I’d like to change this generation and the next generation so that by the time I have kids, everyone will be educated, so a child never, ever has to say the words, ‘Me too.’”

What is one thing that you will be remembered for?

When was the last time you stood up for the right thing?


Ian McKellan 1939

Beyond acting, Sir Ian owns East End pub The Grapes, in Limehouse. He purchased the boozer in a business agreement back in 2009.

*Today is the day to focus on buying your own pub. Sure it is hard work with a lot of risks but imagine your life if your only job was to manage your own bar.


Octavia Spencer 1972 – watch The Help

*Watch Spencer win an Oscar in The Help.

CROSSOVER: FOOD – Minny refers to her poo-filled pastry as “the Terrible Awful,” but she could also have called it Humble Pie.

*Serve someone Minny’s pie and then watch The Help.,of%20her%20famous%20chocolate%20pie.


Mike Myers 1963

Breakfast: Shrek and Donkey Waffles []

Lunch: For its Super Bowl debut, Uber Eats got Mike Myers and Dana Carvey to reprise the Wayne’s World schtick to promote ordering local – so order from a local place for lunch. Excellent! []

Dinner: Go to Chili’s for Fat Bastard’s beloved baby back ribs []

Snack: Cat in the Hat Cookies []

Nightcap: a marshmallow, Nutella, RumChata, and whipped cream drink called the “Phat Bastard.” []

*Eat all day like iconic Mike Myers characters.

SNUB – Molly Sims 1973