May 12



Yogi Berra 1925

“Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours,” 

*Go to things. Go to weddings. Go to funerals. Let people know that you are supporting them. I was married on 7/1/17 and my dad’s funeral was on 6/2/18. My friends who were there for me on both days will always be special to me.


Emily VanCamp 1986

Her workouts focus on Pilates, planks, push-ups, or side extensions-just basically a lot of body movements using her body weight.

*Work out like Emily VanCamp aka Sharon Carter.

Pilates []          Planks []          Push-ups []                  Side extensions []


George Carlin 1937

“I’ve begun worshipping the sun for a number of reasons. First of all, unlike some other gods I could mention, I can see the sun. It’s there for me every day. And the things it brings me are quite apparent all the time: heat, light, food, and a lovely day. There’s no mystery, no one asks for money, I don’t have to dress up, and there’s no boring pageantry. And interestingly enough, I have found that the prayers I offer to the sun and the prayers I formerly offered to “God” are all answered at about the same 50% rate.”

What are your thoughts on worshipping the sun?


Tony Hawk 1968

“You can live comfortably and be happy and not always aspire for something bigger and better – for more. I did that for a big part of my life and realized that it’s more fun to embrace what you have and to enjoy those things, even if it’s not the most expensive or flashiest.”

*Embrace what you have and enjoy your life. Your life might be better if you were like Tony Hawk and made a fortune out of doing what you love.


Katharine Hepburn 1907 – watch Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)

*Watch Hepburn win one of her four Oscars in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

BONUS: Rami Malek 1981 – watch Bohemian Rhapsody

*Watch Rami Malek win an Oscar as Freddy Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.


Ving Rhames 1959

Ving Rhames is the voice on the “WE HAVE THE MEATS!” Arby’s ads.

*Have the meats at Arby’s but save room for dessert

BONUS: Jason Biggs 1978 – American apple pie for dessert

*Make an American apple pie for dessert. Just EAT the pie.

SNUB – Florence Nightingale 1820