May 11

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Richard Feynman 1918

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Don’t think about what you want to be, but what you want to do

*Simple advice – do what you want to do.


Cam Newton 1989

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Newton and his teammates end their workout with a Competitive Row Relay, a finisher that not only works their conditioning but also builds mental toughness. “It’s all about thinking, ‘I want to slow down right now, but if I do, then the guy next to me is going to beat me.’ Every athlete has that competitive nature, but for Cam, it’s through the roof,”

*Get on that rowing machine at the gym and challenge someone to out row you.


Salvador Dali 1904

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To transcend his paralyzing shyness, his uncle told him to become an actor in his relations with the people around him, and to pretend he was an extrovert with every soul, including his closest friends.

*Act today. Act the part of who you want to be.


Robert Jarvik 1946

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Inventor of the artificial heart

“What matters is if something is successfully created that really fills an important need. I’m trying to do that.

*What can you successfully create that really fills an important need? Yeah, do that.


Natasha Richardson 1963 – watch Cabaret

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At 10:35PM, James Naughton presented the 1998 Tony Award for best actress in a musical to Natasha Richardson for Cabaret.

*Watch Natasha Richardson win a Tony for best actress in a musical.


Amanda Freitag 1972 – Captain Jack’s Fried Fish Sandwich

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Amanda Freitag is a judge on Chopped, has battled Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, and she competed for the title of America’s Next Iron Chef.

*Enjoy making this sandwich which may remind you of a certain late night McDonald’s filet-o-fish – but better of course.

SNUB – Valentino

Review –

  • Do what you want to do
  • Competitive rowing
  • Act the part of who you want to be
  • Create what fills an important need
  • Watch Cabaret
  • Make Captain Jack’s Fried Fish Sandwich


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Travis Jones

I was born in Northwestern Pennsylvania and lived in a trailer park. I was raised by very conservative and religious (Wesleyan Methodist) parents. By some miracle I graduated college and moved to Florida. I have been a public school teacher since 1995. I have 7 years until I can retire. I was married in 1999 and divorced in 2001. I remarried in 2017 to Kate - 21 years my junior. Some of my life experiences as a 46-year-old, white American male, will come through in my writing, but the majority of this daily journey will be dedicated to improving myself, and hopefully you as well.

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