October 27

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Theodore Roosevelt 1858

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Lessons From TR

  1. Set goals to overcome weaknesses. Don’t let your weaknesses hold you back from success. Sit down today and make a list of the weaknesses that you have. It could be procrastination, a bad habit, or shyness. Make it a goal to overcome that weakness and set out an attack plan to overcome it. If shyness is your weakness, make it a goal to introduce yourself to 3 strangers every day. After a month of doing this, your weakness will have become a strength.
  2. Work hard. TR showed us that setting goals isn’t enough to overcome your weaknesses. You must work at it. Work hard daily on conquering your weakness. Focus all your energy on improving yourself daily.




*Make a list of your weaknesses. Set out an attack plan to overcome them. Work hard on this every day.


Lonzo Ball 1997

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The first time Lonzo Ball did a Pull-Up, he was 4 years old. By the time he was 12, he was bench pressing and sprinting up hills a mile long. And when he finally reached Chino Hills (California) High School as the basketball team’s starting point guard, he unleashed almighty hell upon his opponents.


*Pull-ups, bench pressing, and running up hills a mile long is your workout for today. Invite your dad to come watch you play a game of pickup basketball.


Emily Post 1872

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But etiquette also expresses something more, something we call “the principles of etiquette.” Those are consideration, respect, and honesty. These principles are the three qualities that stand behind all the manners we have. They are timeless and cross cultural boundaries, unlike manners, which can change over time and differ around the world.


*Practice “the principles of etiquette” today. Consideration, respect, and honesty. Work hard on this every day. Check out her web site too – good stuff.


Isaac Singer 1811

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Flair for the Dramatic
Isaac Singer invented the first practical, commercially-successful sewing machine and the first multinational company. He was born in upstate New York in 1811, and developed interests in machines, the theater, and women — probably not in that order. He left home at age 12, took odd jobs, and formed a traveling troupe of repertory actors. He also began relationships with a string of women, many of whom would overlap in his life unbeknownst to each other, producing at least 18 illegitimate children.


Singer contributed to the sewing machine trade with important technological advancements and also with the development of a marketing system capable of selling sewing machines around the world.


*Make sure that your dream is practical and can be commercially-successful. Think big – multinational. Don’t produce 18 illegitimate children.


Scott Weiland 1967 – listen to Stone Temple Pilots

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Scott Weiland: ‘This Is My Life, a Cautionary Tale. Maybe Somebody Can Learn from It.’

“I guess the reason we’re here is I feel like there’s been only one side of my story told. People know rock stars only on the surface, people know celebrities only on the surface, and people know me only on the surface: I’m the junkie rock star handcuffed in the backseat of a cop car…


*Learn from Scott Weiland while listening to STP.


John Cleese 1939 – English trifle and lemon curd

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Actor John Cleese and wife Alyce Faye visit Martha Stewart and prepare an English trifle and lemon curd.




*Listen to STP while making John Cleese’s English trifle and lemon curd. Watch some Monty Python while enjoying it.

SNUB – John Gotti

Review –

  • Set goals to overcome weaknesses
  • Pull ups, bench press, and running up hills
  • Practice the “principles of etiquette”
  • Make sure that your dream is practical
  • Listen to Stone Temple Pilots
  • Make an English trifle and lemon curd

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