November 9

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Benjamin Banneker 1731

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Impressed by his abilities, Jefferson recommended Banneker to be a part of a surveying team to lay out Washington, D.C. Appointed to the three-man team by president George Washington, Banneker wound up saving the project when the lead architect quit in a fury – taking all the plans with him. Using his meticulous memory, Banneker was able to recreate the plans. Wielding knowledge like a sword, Benjamin Banneker was many things – inventor, scientist, anti-slavery proponent – and, as a result, his legacy lives on to this day.


Another diet-related effect on memory is the mounting research that eating berries can help to stave off memory decline.

study from the University of Reading and the Peninsula Medical School found that supplementing a normal diet with blueberries for twelve weeks improved performance on spatial working memory tasks. The effects started just three weeks in and continued for the length of the study.

*Wield knowledge like a sword today. Be many things and your legacy will live on. And eat berries if you want to have a meticulous memory like Benjamin Banneker.


Lou Ferrigno 1951

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LOU SAYS: “It’s vital to work the lats if you want to build a proportionate physique. Don’t just look good from the front. The back is just as important.”

*If you’re looking to change your shape, not just chisel it, you’re going to need to challenge your muscles aggressively to promote growth. If you want to attack the lats, you’ll want to add these four exercises to your routine. These four moves will help you find your wings. Remember, you want heavy weights and low reps. Slow and steady. Lift to failure on that last set. Go Hulk Mode!


2x a day: 1 can tuna fish in water 1 cup unsweetened apple sauce 1 cup 1 minute oat meal (cooked or uncooked) mix all together  Best PART: It’s Low Sodium and Great for Travel


Donnie McClurkin 1959

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You can have abundant life – a life complete with joy, love, peace and much more – John 10:10.  

In order to have a full life, there is an essential knowledge and understanding you must be equipped with to be successful…

*You were created with a God-given purpose. God loves you and deems you more valuable than you can ever imagine. Live with purpose daily.


Nick Lachey 1973

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In a statement, Lachey said, “Ohio is my home, and as a resident and local business owner I am proud to be part of a movement that has the potential to create jobs, reinvigorate the local economy and improve the safety of our communities. Passage of this proposal will result in much-needed economic development opportunities across Ohio, and update the state’s position on marijuana in a smart and safe way.”

Top Marijuana Stocks to Watch

Global spending on legal cannabis is expected to grow 230% to $32 billion in 2020 as compared to $9.5 in 2017, according to Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics. The research projects a majority of that, nearly $23.4 billion will come from the United States. In context of more states voting in favor of marijuana use legalization and business interest sparking across the board, that definitely would make sense.

*Do your research and invest in marijuana today. Listen to 98 Degrees for motivation.


Eric Dane 1972 – watch Grey’s Anatomy

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When Eric Dane was killed off at the beginning of Season 9 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” fans of Mark Sloan and his shirtless ways mourned his loss … but it all started to make more sense when he was cast as Tom Chandler on TNT’s “The Last Ship” a month later.

*Watch up until the beginning of season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy


Sandra “Pepa” Denton 1964 or 1966 or 1969 – sweet potato soup with lots of salt and pepa

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The aptly-named “Cookin’ with Salt N Pepa” will take the rappers into restaurants across the country, where they sample various dishes and learn culinary techniques.

*Listen to Salt N Pepa while making their sweet potato soup and enjoy it while watching Grey’s Anatomy.

If the soup isn’t enough, try these salt and pepper chicken wings. Push it real good.

SNUB – Vanessa Lachey (same day as her husband but in 1980)

Review –

  • Wield knowledge like a sword
  • Attack your lats
  • You were created with a God-given purpose
  • Invest in marijuana
  • Watch Grey’s Anatomy
  • Make sweet potato soup

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