November 10

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Granville Sharp 1735

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As well as his campaign for the abolition of slavery, Sharp held other radical political opinions, supporting parliamentary reform and better wages for labourers. In 1776, he resigned his civil service position in disagreement with the British government’s war with its American colonists.

Volunteer with ONE

ONE’s nationwide network of grassroots volunteers executes campaigns to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. If you’re passionate about ending poverty, we want you to join us. Click on your state to find your ONE organizer.


There are many actions that you can take to support the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots’ objective of a preemptive ban on fully autonomous weapons. One way is to contact your government to find out its position on fully autonomous weapons: Does it support the calls to ban weapons systems that, once activated, would select and attack targets without meaningful human control?

What can YOU do to promote positive messages and employment outcomes for people with disabilities? Use the Campaign for Disability Employment’s (CDE) tools and products, and join our important dialogue about the value of disability inclusion in the workplace!

*Start or join a campaign to end something, support something, or to promote an improvement in something that you believe in – even if it is a radical political opinion.


Ellen Pompeo 1969

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To tone her stomach after giving birth, Ellen Pompeo used an intense core workout. Ellen’s trainer Gregg Miele, who also trained Gisele Bündchen and Nicole Richie post-pregnancy, shared Ellen’s ab workout with Self. Ellen Pompeo toned her abs using a stability ball for “around-the-world abs” and plank ups, which are a combination of planks and sit-ups.


You get heart-helping omega-3 fatty acids, (which you probably knew) and calcium from the bones (which might be news!).

*You watched Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy yesterday, try her intense core workout today. And eat sardines.


Martin Luther 1483

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—“As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, so the soul from purgatory springs”—was, to Luther, “the pious defrauding of the faithful” and a glaring symptom of the need for broad reform.

*Tithing has been suggested, but it shouldn’t determine whether you get into Heaven or not. You give as much to the church or to charity as your heart and soul guides you. Your relationship with God is personal and it does not have a minimum contribution to get into Heaven.


Mikhail Kalashnikov 1919

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RT: Do you think he regretted not making much money out of this?

IK: I don’t think so. He was a very modest person. That’s a Soviet kind of engineer. My grandfather also was an engineer, also working in the arms industry all his life. Such people didn’t care about money themselves; they were protecting their nation, saving the lives of their compatriots, that was their basic occupation. You can see from documentaries about Mikhail Kalashnikov, he lived a very, very modest life.

*Today an AK will cost you around $1500. Remember that it’s OK to live a modest life and still get paid for what you have created. Go to a gun range today and relieve some stress.


Richard Burton 1925 – watch Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

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Paint-blistering performances by Burton and Taylor who, as fictional husband and wife, brutally expose their decaying marriage. The two show no mercy in lacerating each other with verbal volleys in front of their dinner guests

*As I type this, I’m upset because my wife just called this “my stupid project” – Ahh marriage. First, I want to watch this movie more than ever, and second, I have more motivation than ever to make 365DOLF a masterpiece. If it fails, I’ll remember that Richard Burton was nominated for 7 Oscars and never won.


Tracy Morgan 1968 – lamb chops with creamy polenta and peas

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“A doctor said, ‘The two biggest accidents in the world was yours and Princess Diana,’ ” says Morgan. “Think about it. That’s heavy shit.” In the early-morning hours of June 7th, 2014, near Exit 9 on the New Jersey Turnpike, a Walmart truck driver who hadn’t slept in 28 hours plowed his 18-wheeler into the rear of a chauffeured limo-van taking Morgan home from a gig in Delaware. Morgan’s longtime friend James “Jimmy Mack” McNair died in the crash; three of Morgan’s fellow passengers were also hurt and have also since recovered.

Comedian Tracy Morgan joins Martha to make a Sunday dinner: lamb chops with creamy polenta and peas.

*Appreciate life as you listen to some Tracy Morgan comedy while making his Sunday dinner. Enjoy it with your loved ones while watching Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

SNUB – Kieman Shipka

Review –

  • Start or join a campaign to end something
  • Intense core workout
  • There is no minimum contribution into Heaven
  • Live a modest life, but get paid for your creations
  • Watch Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
  • Make lamb chops with creamy polenta and peas

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