October 8



Matt Damon 1970

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*Take today to reach out to your favorite teacher and let them know that the things that you value most about yourself came from how you were taught.


Bella Thorne 1997

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‘Today was the day I finally noticed results !!! And what’s even better is: I FEEL good & healthy.

‘I now feel like I can do more in my day and helps me fall asleep easier at night!’ #yoga

*Practice yoga today to see results, feel good, and to fall asleep easier tonight.


Jesse Jackson 1941

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“If Dr. King and our civil rights movement have taught us anything, it’s the fundamental principle that all people deserve equal protection under the law. LGBT people deserve equal rights — including marriage equality. Discrimination against one group of people is discrimination against all of us.”

*Discrimination against one group of people is discrimination against us all. Everyone has the right to be miserable in a marriage.


Travis Pastrana 1983

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“Wake up every morning with a passion. Do what you do because you love it; there’s no amount of money worth risking your life for. But if you’re so passionate about it — and just to grow up around this Nitro Circus crew, where every single person is just full of life and passion and wakes up every day with a big smile on their face. I hope [my daughters] take that and realize that — if you like desk jobs or you like art museums or horses or whatever — if you love it, that’s what you should be doing.”

*If you love it, that’s what you should be doing.


Bruno Mars 1985

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*Bruno is an artist that is easy to listen to all day.


Chevy Chase 1943 – lamb fries

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Dining with his wife at a local café, he’s served multiple helpings of “lamb fries”

“Now there’s a man who knows he’s got something good in his mouth!,”

“Lamb fries” = lamb testicles


*Have a friend over and serve them lamb fries, then watch Chevy Chase in Funny Farm.

SNUB – Sigourney Weaver 1949

Review –

  • Thank your favorite teacher
  • Yoga
  • Discrimination against one is discrimination against all
  • If you love it, that’s what you should be doing
  • Listen to Bruno Mars
  • Make lamb fries