October 16



Oscar Wilde 1854

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Wilde only completed one novel – but The Picture Of Dorian Gray is one of the best ever.

*This could be the MONEY  lesson today, but it could also refer to meeting your significant other, or finding the right religion – you only need to strike gold once. Start reading The Picture of Dorian Gray today.


Bryce Harper 1992

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Bryce Harper is getting ready for spring training with some work in the batting cage, but he’s been working so much, his hands are full of cuts and blisters.

*Go to a local batting cage and swing away like Bryce Harper.


Noah Webster 1758

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“A mind that is intent upon developing a thorough and inclusive Biblical worldview, having a learner’s heart will be one that is full of grace and truth, and for the restoration of the individual and the nation.”

*Have a learner’s heart with a Biblical worldview as you strive to nourish your soul. Find the religion that is best for you – you only have to strike gold once.


Naomi Osaka 1997

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“I’m not really the type that spends money on myself,”

“For me, as long as my family’s happy, I’m happy. So when I see my sister … for me, that’s the biggest gift.”

*Be the type of person that doesn’t spend money on yourself. You’ll feel better buying for others.


John Mayer 1977

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*You and your equal partner listen to the soulful John Mayer today.


Tim Robbins 1958 – oven-fried snapper fillets

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*Watch Bull Durham or Shawshank Redemption while enjoying these Tim Robbins snapper fillets.

SNUB – Angela Lansbury 1925

Review –

  • You only need to strike gold once
  • Batting cages
  • Have a learner’s heart with a biblical worldview
  • Don’t spend money on yourself
  • Listen to John Mayer
  • Make Tim Robbins snapper fillets