October 26



Seth MacFarlane 1973 – watch Family Guy

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“Experience Joie De Vivre

That means ‘joy of living’. Yes, enjoy life – live it to the fullest. Just like Peter.”

*Experience Joie De Vivre. Enjoy life. Watch Family Guy and live life like Peter. 


Jaclyn Smith 1945 – Ballet Yoga Booty

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“I’m now incorporating into my exercise regimen a class with my daughter. I think it’s called “Ballet Yoga Booty” so you do a little bit of everything, but you’re moving for that solid hour. It’s really fun and something for me to do with her. I love it because it’s aerobic without making you wish that it was over already.”


*If you don’t live near a studio, look online for a Ballet Yoga Booty workout that you can do. There is a 4-week option that you could buy online as well. 


Mahalia Jackson 1911

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“Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” showed how music floating toward heaven could also be frank about the pain and pleasure of physical life.

*Listen to Mahalia Jackson today. It’s good for your soul.


Keith Urban 1967

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One of the kids from the Boys and Girls Club asked Urban was there any other secret to his success. His answer? “Hard work. There are no other substitutes.”

*Take today to refocus on working hard on what is most important to your financial future. Listen to Keith Urban for motivation.


Rita Wilson 1956 – watch Volunteers

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Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks co-starred in the film Volunteers.

“Rita and I just looked at each other and — kaboing — that was that. I asked Rita if it was the real thing for her, and it just couldn’t be denied.”

*Watch the movie that started the Hollywood super couple marriage of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks.


Hillary Clinton 1947 – pumpkin-coated lamb

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A White House Thanksgiving

Taste one of Clinton’s favorite preparations with this pumpkin-coated lamb recipe from the National Archives

*It’s late October – the height of pumpkin flavored season. Make this pumpkin-coated lamb recipe from the woman who almost became the first female POTUS.

SNUB – Jon Heder 1977

Review –

  • Experience Joie De Vivre
  • Ballet Yoga Booty
  • Listen to Mahalia Jackson
  • Work hard
  • Watch Volunteers
  • Make pumpkin-coated lamb