December 14



Ernie Davis 1939

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“But when I look back I can’t call myself unlucky. My 23rd birthday was December 14. In these years I have had more than most people get in a lifetime.”

*If you knew that this would be your last birthday, how would you define your life?

Watch The Express for clarity.


Morihei Ueshiba 1883

The Secret Teachings of Aikido: Ueshiba, Morihei, Stevens, John, Ueshiba,  Moriteru: 9781568364469: Books

In 1936 Morihei Ueshiba renamed his art aiki budo, and in 1942 he emerged with a mature, modified art—now officially called aikido. The new name is a combination of separate ideas: ai means harmony, ki means spirit or energy, and do means discipline

Aikido is an excellent program for all-around physical fitness, flexibility, and relaxation.

*Find a dojo near you and take a class in Aikido.


Nostradamus 1503

Nostradamus Timeline – CT101 Digital Storytelling

“The body without soul is no longer at the sacrifice. At the day of death, it come to rebirth. The divine spirit will make the soul rejoice seeing the eternity of the world.”

*Remember that it is your SOUL that will live on.

How will your SOUL feel at the day of death?


Stan Smith 1946

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“The first time I heard I was in a rap song my daughter, who was about 13 at the time, she said, ‘Dad, you’re famous, Jay Z has you in a rap song,’”

“I said, ‘Oh, really? Who’s Jay Z?’”

*You’ll know your business has made it when your mentioned in a popular song or rap.

 How can you make your brand cross generational?


Patty Duke 1946 – watch The Miracle Worker

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Duke became a tireless mental health advocate and, after three failed marriages, found love and stability with her fourth husband.

*Watch Patty Duke win an Oscar in The Miracle Worker.


Vanessa Hudgens 1988

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She works out on an empty stomach, starting her day with “black coffee and a lot of water” 1st thing in the morning. “When the time comes to break the fast, then I do it. I kind of do an 18-hour fast and eat for 6.”

Breakfast: “this crispy rice that has vegetables and avocado and eggs on it,” []

Dinner: “And then for dinner it’s either pasta or pizza or sushi. I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest cook.” []

*You have 6 hours to eat these 2 meals. Don’t eat again for the next 18.

SNUB – Natascha McElhone 1969

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