December 31



Val Kilmer 1959

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“One of the elementary lessons you learn when studying acting is that of mastering the senses. Listening, for example. Real listening requires effort, concentration, and focus. If one wants to act well, one needs to receive information free from personal judgments in order to respond spontaneously and honestly. If you’re really listening, the ear is turned on to receive, and the inner monologue, your own dialogue, is turned off.”

*Go into next year knowing how to listen to people. Practice tonight at a NYE party. When someone is talking to you, receive the information free from personal judgment and respond spontaneously and honestly.


Gabby Douglas 1995

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“When I stood on the podium at the 2012 Games and lowered my head so the gold medal could be placed around my neck, I reflected on many things,”

“I thought about all the sacrifices that had to be made, all the obstacles, and all of the time spent in order for me to achieve my dream. I thought to myself, ‘It was all worth it.’ It was also in that moment that I knew my goal of making it on the 2016 Rio Olympics team was possible.”

*Think about all the sacrifices you made this year, all the obstacles to becoming the best person you can be. It was worth it. Think about incorporating Gabby’s training schedule next year, when applicable.

Is Gabby’s training schedule one that you could follow next year?


Ben Kingsley 1943

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To become Gandhi, Kingsley –

  • shaved his head
  • lost 20 pounds on Gandhi’s vegetarian diet
  • studied yoga
  • began to meditate
  • learned to spin cotton thread on a wooden wheel

*Weight loss, yoga, meditation, all things you’ve done this year and all good for your SOUL.

Which of these 3 did you have the most success with this year?


*Watch Kingsley win an Oscar in Gandhi and get your soul right for the new year.


Nicholas Sparks 1965

Nicholas Sparks | 2018

Sparks donated nearly $900,000 toward a state-of-the-art track. Sparks—a former 800-meter standout at Notre Dame—signed on as a volunteer assistant coach for the high school team, most of whose runners come from low-income and at-risk families.

*With all the money that you’ve saved this year, how much could you give back to kids from low-income and at-risk families?


*If you’re a hopeless romantic, you can turn the last day of the year into a Sparks movie marathon.


Anthony Hopkins 1937 – watch Silence of the Lambs

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People taking MAOIs are given a long list of high-tyramine foods and beverages to avoid or limit. On that list: liver, fava beans, and red wine.

*You now have a NYE tradition of watching Silence of the Lambs before (or as part of) your NYE festivities.

CROSSOVER: FOOD – *Serve liver, fava beans, and a nice Chianti to your dinner guests or bring this combination to a party and let the guests know that it is Anthony Hopkins’ birthday.


John Denver 1943 – Denver Omelet

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John worked for the improvement of the quality of life for all people environmentally, socially, & politically.

*Enjoy a nice Denver Omelet to start the last day of the year, while of course listening to some John Denver.

Your New Year’s Resolution is to follow 365DOLF again.

SNUB – Donald Trump Jr. 1977 and Josh Hawley 1979 – attack next year like the Capitol

Orwellian: Josh Hawley, Donald Trump Jr., and other conservatives'  incorrect invocation of 1984.