December 30



Rudyard Kipling 1865

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“We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.”

*Failure is an inevitable part of life, and it is something that each person must deal with. As Kipling points out, there are no excuses for failure. When you fail, learn from your failure, and move on with grace and courage toward success.

What was your biggest failure this year?


Lebron James 1984

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The Lebron workout involves a mix of low-level reps, which are designed to activate his muscle cells, combined with body weight staples such as pull-ups and push-ups.

*Lebron has become an outstanding businessman and philanthropist. But it is his body that gave him the opportunity to do those things. Do the Lebron workout including pull-ups and push-ups, then play an entire game of basketball. Don’t flop.


Sandy Koufax 1935

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By not taking the mound for the Dodgers against the Twins on Oct. 6, 1965, on the Day of Atonement, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, he became a cultural touchstone.

*Reflect on a time this past year when you stood for something you believed in


Tiger Woods 1975

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Tiger Woods leads his sport in career prize winnings with an estimated total of $122.5 million. But Woods makes most of his money outside of competition. A major moneymaker is Woods’ golf-course design work. He opened his first US course in Houston in 2015 and has designed 10 courses so far, including a golf course for the Trump World Golf Club in Dubai.

*How can you make money off branching out from your current profession?


Ellie Goulding 1986

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*Her music videos will inspire you to get back in the gym for a second workout today.


Laila Ali 1977 – 3 meals – coffee smoothie, tomato soup, and coconut black rice

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*These are your 3 meals for today, compliments of Laila Ali’s Well and Good.

Breakfast – Coffee lover’s smoothie                   Lunch – Tomato and roasted garlic cream soup

Dinner – Coconut black rice and roasted root vegetables

*Your day could look like this – check off as you go –

7:00       Breakfast – coffee lover’s smoothie []   

8:00        Play golf like Tiger Woods []

12:00     Lunch – tomato soup []                        

2:00        Play basketball like Lebron James []

4:00        Do a boxing workout like Laila Ali []

6:00        Dinner – Coconut Black Rice and roasted root vegetables []

7:00        Listen to Ellie Goulding and think about one thing that you stand for []

8:00        Watch the Jungle Book and remember that you are not a failure []

10:00     Get to bed. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve – you need your sleep []

SNUB – Jillian Harris 1979 – check out her website