November 13

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Robert Louis Stevenson 1850

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RLS is not just the author of Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Search the site, and you’ll find he’s also a poet, a playwright, a Gothicist, a historian, an anthropologist, a Victorian, and a Postmodernist. In short, an outstanding modern writer, constantly experimenting.

*Even if you’ve become outstanding in your field, keep experimenting to improve yourself. Read Treasure Island for motivation.


Chris Noth 1954

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He wasn’t into skincare. “I paid no attention to it before. I used anything and nothing.” Now he regards a regimen as part of his routine. “It’s kinda like working out. You do it not just because it helps your body, but it also makes you feel clarity, grounded,” he said. “You’re on this earth and have to deal with gravity.”

Your Daytime Regimen

The morning routine is all about protection from the sun, pollution and the elements, according to Dr. Rogers, so leave your peel pads and treatment products, like retinol, for night.








Your Nighttime Regimen

As your skin naturally repairs itself at night, your nighttime routine should be all about treatment and giving your skin what it needs, says Dr. Rogers. “If your skin is looking dull, exfoliate. If it is irritated, hydrate and protect.” Here’s the best order of skin care products to make sure you get the most out of them:





*Be like “Big” and use today to focus on skincare. Hopefully it becomes a daily routine for you.


Whoopi Goldberg 1955

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As Whoopi reflected her on her past, she was glad that she made the choice to be different. Even though she experienced more difficulties than if she were to take the common route, it turned out to be a much more enriching journey than what she would have gone through, adding a unique flavor to her performances, letting her stand out amongst the crowd.

*You want an enriching journey through life. One that will let you stand out among the crowd. Watch her win an Oscar in Ghost or not win an Oscar in Sister Act for motivation.


Garry Marshall 1934

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Lori: May I point out that when I was a child living in your house I didn’t get an allowance.

Garry: And that, my child, is the biggest mistake of my life. The biggest regret. The biggest lament. The biggest disappointment.

Lori: All right, all right. I get it. But why?

Garry: Because you and your sister and brother don’t understand the value of a dollar.

The original plot of Pretty Woman (directed by Gerry Marshall) was a little more disturbing, it was called 3,000 – the amount Vivian earned for the week she spends with her client – and that part of Edward’s deal with her is that she stay off the cocaine she’s addicted to for the week they’re together.

*Give your kids an allowance (and nothing else) so they understand the value of a dollar.


Gerard Butler 1969 – watch 300

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Did the Spartans really discard their unfit offspring?

Yes. In the movie, we see a government official holding King Leonidas’ (Gerard Butler) newborn son above a cliff. The official is inspecting the newborn to decide if it should be discarded. Greek historian Plutarch (46 A.D. – 127 A.D.) spoke of the Spartan practice of eugenics in his writings:

“If after examination the baby proved well-built and sturdy they [the state] instructed the father to bring it up, and assigned it one of the 9,000 lots of land. But if it was puny and deformed, they dispatched it to what was called ‘the place of rejection’, a precipitous spot by Mount Taygetus, considering it better both for itself and the state that the child should die if right from its birth it was poorly endowed for health or strength.”

*Watch 300 today. If nothing else, it will inspire you to hit the gym for an ab workout later.


Jimmy Kimmel 1967 – nachos, wings, and meatball heroes

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For the Jimmy Kimmel, throwing the ultimate Super Bowl party means hot nachos, frozen margaritas, and a TV as big as a football field

Killer Nachos: “Tostitos, black beans, cheese, salsa, olives, sour cream, chicken if I’m motivated. I always keep an extra plate in the oven so guests can eat them hot.”

Smoked Wings: “Sauce ’em, smoke ’em, sauce ’em again, then throw them on the grill till they crisp up.”

Meatball Heroes: “I buy meatballs, good rolls, and Parmesan, and people make their own.”

*It will only be about halfway through the NFL season on Jimmy Kimmel’s birthday. A perfect opportunity to practice a Super Bowl party. Maybe make it a “300” Party.

SNUB – Metta World Peace

Review –

  • Keep experimenting to improve yourself
  • Focus on skincare
  • Have an enriching journey through life
  • Give your kids an allowance
  • Watch 300
  • Jimmy Kimmel Super Bowl Party

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