August 28



Johann Goethe 1749

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The message Goethe is trying to send us isn’t a plea to understand him, or that we become like him, but rather that like him we should take courage in an infinitely more worthwhile task — that of becoming ourselves.

*Continue to work on becoming yourself.


LeAnn Rimes 1982

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Besides sculpting her body, boxing also relieves her from stress and boosts the flow of adrenaline in her body.

*Do another boxing workout today – to sculpt your body, relieve stress, and boost the flow of adrenaline through your body. 


David Soul 1943

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“I’ve got a better handle on family perspective today. In the days when I was – as they used to call me – “one of the biggest stars in television”, I got the balance wrong. The caring about what I looked like, what I sounded like, what I represented to other people was more important than being with my family. That was the sadness of that period but it doesn’t mean I don’t have time for other people now.”

*Re-balance. Being with your family is more important than anything else today, and every day.


Armie Hammer 1986

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“Oh, it just takes hard work? Why didn’t anybody tell me this? And someone probably did, but I didn’t listen because I was an idiot.”

*Listen. Don’t be an idiot. It just takes hard work. 


Jack Black 1969 – watch The School of Rock

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*Watch The School of Rock and listen to Jack Black’s rock band Tenacious D


Shania Twain 1965 – poutine

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Shania, who worked at McDonald’s in high school, says French fries are her go-to junk food.

*Shania Twain is from Canada – so get some McDonald’s fries and turn them into poutine. Listen to a mix of her music, LeeAnn Rimes, and Tenacious D while making them.

SNUB – Jennifer Coolidge 1961 (The Original MILF)

Review –

  • Become yourself
  • Boxing workout
  • Re-balance
  • It just takes hard work
  • Watch The School of Rock
  • Make poutine