September 1



Rocky Marciano 1923 Unbeaten: Rocky Marciano's Fight for Perfection in a Crooked  World: 9781250210876: Stanton, Mike: Books

He is the only boxing champion to ever retire undefeated.

His unshakable will to win can motivate anyone to fulfill their destiny regardless of what obstacles are put in front of them.

*9 months into this and hopefully by now you have an unshakable will to win and you’ll be able to fulfill your destiny regardless of what obstacles are placed in front of you. Be like Rocky Marciano and go undefeated today.


Zendaya 1996 –go dancing

Image result for zendaya gif

Her biggest fitness tip to fans is to find something that is fun to do. For her, that’s dancing.

*Take a dance class today or better yet, take your sweetie dancing tonight.


Phil McGraw 1950

About Dr. Phil | Dr. Phil

“The authentic self is the you that can be found at your absolute core. It is the part of you not defined by your job, function or role. It is the composite of all your skills, talents and wisdom. It is all of the things that are uniquely yours and need expression, rather than what you believe you are supposed to be and do.”

The term talent refers to an inborn and the special ability of a person to do something. A skill is an expertise, which is acquired by the person by learning. Talent is God gifted ability, whereas Skill is an ability in which you put your time and efforts to develop.

*Write down your skills, your talents, and your wisdom. This is who you are. Your job is not what or who you are. Express who you are and stop worrying about who you should be.


Barry Gibb 1946

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Gibb has never been a fan of the stock market, believing that real estate and bonds gave him more security.

*Look into investing in real estate and bonds today – they may keep you Stayin Alive. Listen to the Bee Gees for motivation.


Lily Tomlin 1940 – watch Nashville (1975)

See the source image

*Watch Lily Tomlin almost win an Oscar in Nashville.


Padma Lakshmi 1970 – Chicken Korma

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*Enjoy Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi’s chicken korma while listening to a dinnertime mix of Gloria Estefan and the Bee Gees.

SNUB – Gloria Estefan 1957

Review –

  • Have an unshakable will to win
  • Go dancing
  • Write down your skills, your talent, and your wisdom
  • Invest in bonds
  • Watch Nashville (1975)
  • Make chicken korma

September 2



Mark Harmon 1951

Mark Harmon - GIF | Ncis, Leroy jethro gibbs, Mark harmon

As Agent Gibbs on NCIS, Harmon has a set of 69 rules that he expects everyone to follow.

Rule 8: Never take anything for granted.

*You never know how long you’re going to have someone or something. Appreciate what you have. Come up with your own set of 69 rules.


Brandon Ingram 1997

Brandon Ingram GIFs | Tenor

This is exactly what Brandon Ingram eats in a day.

Breakfast: an omelet with a side of bacon. []     

Pre-workout: BiPro protein shake. []

Post-workout: Another BiPro protein shake. []  

Lunch: a sandwich with brown rice and a side salad. []

Snack: peanut butter and jelly sandwich []         

Dinner: steak, mashed potatoes, and some spinach []

*Eat like Ingram, especially a protein shake before and after your workout.


Eric Dickerson 1960

Los angeles rams la rams rec specs GIF on GIFER - by Yozshuzuru

Eric and a group of Hall of Famers went to Israel on a trip organized by Patriots owner Robert Kraft. While there, Dickerson made the choice to be baptized in the Jordan River.

“It was a surreal moment. When you walk the places that Christ walked and to be baptized in the Jordan River, it was amazing,”

*Plan a trip to expand your spirituality. Or at least plan your baptism.


Keanu Reeves 1964

Keanu reeves GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

Keanu Reeves was inspired to turn his passion project into a business. Squarespace teamed up with Keanu to bring his dream to life with a website.

*Between legalzoom and squarespace, there are no excuses after today.

BONUS: Robert Shapiro 1942

Great news!
365DOLF appears to be available*

*Use Robert Shapiro’s to establish your business name and protect your intellectual property. 


Salma Hayek 1966 – watch Frida

salma hayek Image, animated GIF

*Watch Salma Hayek almost win an Oscar in Frida.

CROSSOVER: BODY – ‘I don’t exercise… I just hold my body in a way that activates muscles all day long,’

*Activate your muscles all day today. Use Frida as motivation to trim your eyebrows.


Terry Bradshaw 1948 – blue cheese chips

Terry bradshaw GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

The NFL’s first player to receive a Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

*Snack on Bradshaw’s blue cheese chips while watching Frida, Go Steelers!

SNUB – Harvey Levin 1950 – “I’m a lawyer.”