September 23



Caesar Augustus 63

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“The greatest impediments to changes in our traditional roles seem to lie not in the visible world of conscious intent, but in the murky realm of the unconscious mind.”

*If you are seeking change, it starts in the MIND.


Anthony Mackie 1978

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*learn how Anthony Mackie trained and the workout and diet he used to prepare to become Falcon


Ray Charles 1930 – “The Genius of Soul”

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He overcame racial obstacles, but also physical ones, going blind from glaucoma by the age of seven.

*Overcome your obstacles by listening to the “Genius of Soul” – Ray Charles.


Mickey Rooney 1920

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Despite a show business career spanning more than 80 years (nominated for 4 Oscars), Rooney lost most of his fortune to elder abuse and financial mismanagement by one of his stepsons. He died with $18,000 to his name, which all went to the son of his 8th wife.

Get the information you need to help protect your family, your assets, and your future.

*Use this as a cautionary tale to get long-term care insurance for you and loved ones.


Bruce Springsteen 1949

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He’s still looking sharp and making hit albums and 3-hour stadium gigs like a man less than half his age.

*Listen to “The Boss” and act like someone half your age today. Baby you were born to run.


Jason Alexander 1959 – George Costanza day of eating

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Breakfast – Éclair – “It was clean and on top.” []

Lunch – Eggplant calzone – When you’re working for George Steinbrenner, you give the man what he wants. He wants George’s eggplant calzone—every day. []

Midday Snack – Chips and dip“You dip the way you want to dip…I’ll dip the way I want to dip.” []

Dinner – Turkey chili – follow the rules of the “Soup Nazi.” and a stolen marble rye for dipping []

Dessert – Ice cream sundae – George was caught on TV at the US Open with an ice cream sundae dripping all over his face []

Late night snack – Pastrami on rye – Go for his dream trifecta: eating, watching TV and having sex all at the same time. []

*Eat like George Costanza all day. Make it like “The Summer of George!”

SNUB – LisaRaye McCoy 1967

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