September 29



Calvin Johnson 1985

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The Lions’ career leader in nearly every receiving category, Johnson said he’s content in a retirement that’s so far consisted of getting married, spending time with his 2-year-old son and traveling the globe.

*When you make it to the top, don’t be afraid to walk away, spend time with your family, and travel the globe.


Ian McShane 1942

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“Giving up smoking was the hardest one of all — tougher than alcohol and drugs.”

*Today is your QUIT DAY, the day to kick a vice, especially if it is cigarettes.


Jerry Lee Lewis 1935

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“I said, ‘Elvis, I’m going to ask you one thing before we part company here. If you die, do you think you’d go to heaven or hell?’ And he got real red in the face, and then he got real white in the face, and he said, ‘Jerry Lee, don’t you ever say that to me agin.’

“I was always worried whether I was going to heaven or hell,”

“I still am. I worry about it before I go to bed; it’s a very serious situation. I mean you worry, when you breathe your last breath, where are you going to go?”

*Before you go to bed tonight, answer this – 

If you were to take your last breath, would you go to heaven or hell?


Halsey 1994

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“I became a musician because I got so sick of sending people stuff I was writing and then having them scan it and be like, ‘Yeahhh, it looks good.’ No, fuck you. I want you to hear this from my voice. I want you to pay attention, so I’m going to sing it because you won’t shut it off.”

*How can you say, “fuck you” and become what you want to be?


Madeline Kahn – watch Blazing Saddles

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*Watch Kahn almost win an Oscar in Blazing Saddles.


Kevin Durant 1988

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Breakfast: gluten-free oats, a three-egg omelet with spinach and tomato, sometimes a sausage link and always lots of fresh fruit

After workout, lunch: salmon a couple times a week as well as other favorites including miso-glazed sea bass, blackened catfish, or scallops. That is served with a big side salad and a protein smoothie

Snack: guacamole with quinoa chips or carrots, or fresh fruit

Dinner: 7 to 8 ounces of a lean protein, either chicken, turkey burgers, steak or seafood again

*Eat like Easy Money Sniper all day today.

SNUB – Andrew Dice Clay 1957

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