October 19



Gillian Jacobs 1982

adam wingard's lawyer — presenting #936+ gifs of GILLIAN JACOBS in season...

“There are these important things in some people’s lives that can make you laugh even when you’re going through a tough time or a stressful week.”

*Reflect on important things in your life that can make you laugh


Evander Holyfield 1962

46.Mike Tyson - Evander Holyfield 1 on Make a GIF

“This Hall of Fame thing is all about the help I got from someone else,” said Holyfield, the youngest of nine children. “My mother would have been so happy.”

Sprint 40 yards []           Sprint backwards 40 yards []     

Do 10 frog jumps (be explosive!) []

Do 10 push-ups []          Bear crawl (like Spiderman) 40 yards []  

Bear crawl backwards 40 yards []

Sideways run right 40 yards []    Sideways run left 40 yards []

Do 10 frog jumps []       

Explosive skipping (knee up as high as possible) forward 40 yards []

Explosive skipping (same as above) backward 40 yards []

*No gym or trainer needed for his heavyweight champion workout.


Trey Parker 1969 – watch The Book of Mormon

Treyparker Baseketball GIFs | Tenor

*Watch Trey Parker’s musical – The Book of Mormon.


Charles Merrill 1885

Wall Street to Main Street : Charles Merrill and Middle-Class Investors  (Paperback) - Walmart.com

A poor boy from Florida, Merrill was forced to leave college by lack of funds. But he schemed his way to Wall Street and made himself wealthy by the time he was 31.

*Start an account with Merrill Lynch today. Start out with their personal retirement calculator.


John Lithgow – watch The World According to Garp

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Anything but Football! | Page 5 | Yellow Bullet  Forums

*Watch John Lithgow almost win an Oscar in The World According to Garp.


Jon Favreau 1966 – Cuban sandwich

Jefe koch set GIF - Find on GIFER

Favreau admits that the film was the reason he learned how to cook and learning to cook became a bonding experience for him and his family.

*Watch Chef and then make the Cuban sandwich from the movie.

SNUB – Ashlyn Harris 1985

Ashlyn Harris Soccer GIF by Orlando Pride - Find & Share on GIPHY

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