February 2



James Joyce 1882

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There are two kinds of people. Those that have read “Ulysses” and those that haven’t

*Actually, there are 3 types of people. I tried reading it. I stopped on page 323. I do not get it. Every year on this day, I’m going to continue to read as much as I can until one day, I finish this beast.

CROSSOVER: FOOD – With a Gorgonzola cheese and mustard sandwich and a glass of Burgundy in hand, open a copy of Ulysses to the final chapter and read.


Shakira 1977 and Gerard Pique 1987

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After a dream Christmas with her footballer partner Gerard Piqué and their two kids, the star has returned to the gym with a program that combines cardio and dance, in addition to strength exercises.

*Use those hips to combine cardio and dance, and work in some strength exercises.


BONUS: Christie Brinkley 1954

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Christie Brinkley describes her love for the Total Gym, and how it’s kept her looking fabulous well into her 60’s. Due to it’s low-impact capabilities, the Total Gym is great way to exercise at any age or fitness level!

*Check out Brinkley’s website and think about buying a Total Gym for home workouts.



Gemma Arterton 1986

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“I don’t have a religion, but I’m into spirituality,” “I definitely like the idea there’s something else, and who knows what that is? I think I’d feel saddened to think this is it.”

*Do you have a religion or are you into spirituality?

What is your idea of there being something else?


Ayn Rand 1905

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“Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns—or dollars. Take your choice—there is no other—and your time is running out.”

Ayn Rand wrote volumes urging people to be selfish.

  • Work hard to achieve a life of purpose and productiveness.
  • Pursue your own happiness as your highest moral aim.

*This may change your whole outlook on life, including the MONEY or SOUL portions of 365DOLF.



Farrah Fawcett 1947 – watch Charlie’s Angels (1976)

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*Watch Farrah Fawcett almost win a Golden Globe in the original Charlie’s Angels.


Ina Garten 1948 – Super Bowl Caramelized Bacon

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“I’ll admit that for me, the Super Bowl is less about football than it is about the party. If I’m having friends over to watch the game, I love to serve something that’s really decadent and over the top – like my Caramelized Bacon. What could be better than strips of bacon that are crispy, salty, spicy, and a little bit sweet? The only problem is your guests will love these so much, you’ll have to make a lot!! Have a great Super Bowl party and may the best team win!”

*The above was a Facebook post from our birthday girl. Make a lot of caramelized bacon for the Super Bowl, which is always around this time of year.


SNUB – Jeff Okudah 1999 – “Given his Ohio State corner pedigree and lofty draft slot, Okudah had to be the most disappointing first-round pick in the 2020 draft

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