October 24

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Stephen Covey 1932

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Change, Choice and Principles

“There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.”

Change, choice and principles give you the power to achieve your dreams.

You can change your life, if you align your choices with the timeless principles that produce success.

With the weapons of change, choice and principles, impossibilities become possibilities.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

7 Habits That Will Increase Your Personal and Professional Effectiveness

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*Register for an online seminar or start reading the book.


Wayne Rooney 1985

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‘If I go abroad I like to get into the hotel gym three times a week to work on the treadmill and do some weight work. That way I can be sharp when we get back to training and the running will feel easier when the pre-season games start.’


*Get to the gym and work on the treadmill and do some weight work today.


Brenda Ueland 1891

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Just do it – Anyone can write (paint, draw, sing, play music, fill in the ______) if they have the courage to get started. Writing is just a metaphor for creativity – and everyone is creative.



*If you still haven’t done so yet, have the courage to get started today. Create from your soul.


Drake 1986

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The rapper is a Canadian citizen. Thanks to NAFTA, even though he earns money in the U.S., he pays income taxes only in Canada. The Canadian federal tax rate for Drake’s income level is 29%. However, Drake lives in Toronto, Ontario. He pays an additional 13% Province tax rate for Ontario. That gives a total Drake tax rate of 42%.


Overview of Federal Taxes

Income in America is taxed by the federal government, most states governments and many local governments. The federal income tax system is progressive, so the rate of taxation increases as income increases. Marginal tax rates range from 10% to 39.6%.


Your 2017 Federal Income Tax Plus FICA : $25,789

Your Income Taxes Breakdown

Tax Type Marginal Tax Rate Effective Tax Rate 2017 Taxes 2018 Trump Taxes*
Federal 25.00% 18.14% $18,139 $15,410
FICA 7.65% 7.65% $7,650 $7,650
State 0.00% 0.00% $0 $0
Local 0.00% 0.00% $0 $0
Total Income Taxes $25,789 $23,060
Income After Taxes $74,211 $76,941

* These will be the taxes owed for the 2018 – 2019 filing season.

*Go online and calculate your income taxes. Fortunately I live in Florida and only have to pay federal taxes. My wife and I combine for about $100,000 per year – so the above is our estimation. It hurts to see how much is taken away, but at least I’m not Drake. Sorry


Kevin Kline 1947 – watch A Fish Called Wanda

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In A Fish Called Wanda, Kline’s Otto is a pseudo-intellectual who constantly misinterprets everything from the teachings of Buddhist philosophy to the writings of Nietzsche. According to Cleese, his character was inspired by the real-life self-help guru Zen Master Rama, sometimes called the “yuppie guru.”


*Watch Kevin Kline win an Oscar for best supporting actor in A Fish Called Wanda.

FOOD 1994

Jalen Ramsey – Vienna sausages, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Mike and Ikes, Powerade, French fries

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The Jaguars cornerback found that out after he tweeted a photo of what he was eating for dinner one night in early July. It wasn’t exactly what you’d call a nutritional powerhouse: Vienna sausages covered in hot sauce, a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a box of Mike and Ike and a 32-ounce Powerade. “I did give him a hard time because at the time he was doing that he was also getting meals delivered to his house. I’m like, ‘You have healthy meals in your refrigerator!’ And he swore to me that was his cheat meal.”

“Everybody saw the meal I was eating on Twitter,” Ramsey said. “It wasn’t my real dinner, granted, but I still eat Vienna sausages and hot Cheetos as snacks sometimes. Also, my favorite food in the whole world is french fries. If there was only one thing I could eat for the rest of my life, I’d pick french fries.”


*Have a cheat day like Jalen Ramsey and include his favorite – French fries on the side.

SNUB – B.D. Wong


  • Learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Treadmill and weight work
  • Create from your soul
  • Figure out your taxes
  • Watch A Fish Called Wanda
  • Cheat Day (french fries included)


October 23

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Sanjay Gupta 1969

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They didn’t have the science to support that claim, and I now know that when it comes to marijuana neither of those things are true. It doesn’t have a high potential for abuse, and there are very legitimate medical applications. In fact, sometimes marijuana is the only thing that works.



*Look into medical marijuana today, to help stimulate your mind.


Pele 1940

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Asked repeatedly about nutrition for athletes by the kids, Pelé repeated that he eats fruits, proteins and seafood and avoids sweets and fried dishes.



*Play soccer today. Eat fruits and seafood. Avoid sweets and fried foods.


Martin Luther King III 1957

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Don’t Idolize My Father, Embrace His Ideals of Freedom, Justice and Equality


Freedom is brotherhood, peace, and racial harmony. Freedom is being judged not “by the color of [one’s] skin but by the content of [one’s] character” (King, “I Have a Dream” 57). To King, freedom is equality.


*Embrace MLK’s ideals of freedom and equality by judging people by the content of their character today.


Johnny Carson 1925

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The Johnny Carson Foundation discovered that the value of their trust fund was worth an astonishing $156 million! At the time, the trust fund contained $35 million in cash and $121 million in securities and royalty rights. Fast forward three years and the value of the trust has grown to nearly $200 million. That’s enough to make it the largest (entertainment) celebrity foundation in the world



If you’re contemplating retirement, starting a private foundation opens the door to a new and rewarding “second act” as a philanthropist. You can apply what you’ve learned in your career to solve problems in your community or around the globe. When assets are contributed to a private foundation, they are excluded from your estate and, as a result, are not subject to either federal or state estate taxes. For high-net-worth individuals who have a strong charitable interest, private foundations offer an opportunity to save on estate taxes while simultaneously creating a lasting philanthropic legacy.


*Set up your own private foundation today. When you do retire, this can be your “second act” as a philanthropist.


Ryan Reynolds 1976 – watch Deadpool

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Deadpool taught me to never take life too seriously.

We’re all going to die anyway. He had this attitude before the mutation. He knew how fcked up things could be and he was grateful for what little things he had. Of course, he puts his own dark, little twist on it.

This is an important lesson that most adults I know still haven’t learned.

Life’s too short to not have fun, no matter how small or large the act.



*Watch Deadpool to remind yourself to not take life so seriously today.


Weird Al Yankovic 1959 – tuna casserole

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You better listen, better do as you’re told
You haven’t even touched your tuna casserole
You better chow down, or it’s gonna get cold
So eat it.

Eat It

The parody of Michael Jackson’s hit song “Beat It” is what made Weird Al Yankovic a household name and shot him to stardom. Al always had to get permission from the artist before parodying a song. When Al approached Michael Jackson about parodying “Beat It”, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Happily Jackson okay’d the song and found it amusing. Jackson also received royalties for “Eat It” which turned out to be a good side investment.



*Listen to Weird Al Yankovic’s classics while making tuna casserole – and then you better chow down or it’s gonna get cold.

SNUB – Doug Flutie

Review –

  • Look into medical marijuana
  • Play soccer
  • Judge people by the content of their character
  • Set up your own private foundation
  • Watch Deadpool
  • Make tuna casserole and eat it.

October 22

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Jeff Goldblum 1952

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Goldblum shares his secret to aging well: love thyself.


Happy Jeff Goldblum Day, Pittsburgh.

The day named for the Hollywood star from West Homestead became official in 2004, when Pittsburgh City Council honored the star of “Jurassic Park,” “Independence Day,” “The Big Chill” … (the list goes on and on, and includes Broadway, too) with a day that recognizes his fame while always maintaining his yinzer pride.


*Love yourself. One way to do that is to…

Maintain your boundaries.

Write a list of the things that you need emotionally, things that are important to you and that upset you or hurt your feelings when they are ignored or violated. They could include being listened to; getting sympathy when you’re hurt; being celebrated when you succeed; receiving love and tenderness without asking for it; being cared for; and knowing you can rely on someone. Whatever is important to you is important. And when someone ignores what’s important to you or crosses your boundary, you’ll know—because it hurts. Don’t ignore that. Your feelings are there to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.



Ichiro Suzuki 1973

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Suzuki played in at least 160 games in eight different Major League seasons – all after turning 30. In that category, he represents a massive outlier in an era in which players and teams recognize the value of occasional rest.


For one, he doesn’t lift weights. Instead, Suzuki works out on specialized machines that improve his flexibility and improve blood circulation. It’s similar to yoga or Pilates, but not quite.


*Today is the day to ask your trainer to work you out on that funky looking machine in the corner of the gym that you would normally never try.


Deepak Chopra 1946

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Brand new research supported by the Chopra Foundation indicates that meditation provides a clear and quantifiable change in how the human body functions.


Basics of Meditation: Mindful Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Learn the Basics of Meditation in a New Online Course with Deepak Chopra the positive effects of mindfulness and meditation are all over the news. In the past 20 years, hundreds of research studies have scientifically proven the health benefits of meditation.


*Enroll in and take this Basics of Meditation course from chopra.com


Bob Odenkirk 1962

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Go After Your 80s? When Saul realized that his time was better spent helping elderly residents of a nursing home, he went after them with all of his energy.

He printed up business cards that said, “Need a Will, Call McGill.” He also visited senior centers and assisted living facilities, delivering yogurt with his ad on the bottom, and ran a bingo game. When he discovered a chain of assisted living facilities were overcharging residents for basic necessities, he filed a class action lawsuit against the chain.

He finally found his “80” customers: People that were going to give him profitable, consistent business. He went the extra mile to get to know them. He went shopping with them, played their favorite games and ate dinner with them. Remember that the stronger relationships you make with your “80s” the more likely they will be to refer you to new customers.



*Figure out who your “80s” are and do everything that you can to make sure that you’re an inseparable part of their business. Watch Odenkirk in Better Call Saul for motivation.


Franz Liszt 1811

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The women who screamed and swooned for the 19th Century piano virtuoso Franz Liszt set the pattern for fans in our own time – from The Beatles to Justin Bieber.


*Listen to Franz Liszt today and try not to scream and swoon.


Annette Funicello 1942 – peanut butter pork chops

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Annette had a renaissance in the 1970s and ’80s as the TV commercial spokesperson for Skippy Peanut Butter.


*Listen to Liszt as you make Annette Funicello’s peanut butter (use Skippy) pork chops. Enjoy eating them as you watch episodes of Better Call Saul.

SNUB – Christopher Lloyd

Review –

  • Love thyself
  • Ichiro workout
  • Meditate
  • Figure out who your “80s” are
  • Listen to Franz Liszt
  • Make peanut butter pork chops

October 21

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Alfred Nobel 1833

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He often described himself as a loner, hermit, melancholic or misanthrope. He once wrote: “I am a misanthrope and yet utterly benevolent, have more than one screw loose yet am a super-idealist who digests philosophy more efficiently than food.” Even from this description, it is clear that this misanthrope was also a philanthropist, or what Nobel called a super-idealist. It was the idealist in him that drove Nobel to bequeath his fortune to those who had benefited humanity through science, literature and efforts to promote peace.




  1. a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

*Don’t be a misanthrope today.



  1. a person who cherishes or pursues high or noble principles, purposes, goals

*Be a super-idealist instead.


Ricky Rubio 1990

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When Rubio is tired of the gym, he and his trainer engaged in outside-the-box training, like going kayaking or hopping on a bike and going for a long ride.


*Go kayaking today, or if that’s not an option, hop on a bike and go for a long ride. Play a game of pickup basketball and be the point guard like Rubio.


Ronald McNair 1950

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“So how was a colored boy from South Carolina — wearing glasses, never flew a plane — how was he gonna become an astronaut?”



Surviving McNair was his wife, Cheryl (Moore) McNair, a son Reginal and daughter Joy Cheray. Cheryl McNair, Ronald’s widow, was the first survivor to file a lawsuit against Morton Thiokol, manufacturer of the defective O-rings. She accused the company of deliberately failing to warn the astronauts about the defects. She reportedly received a settlement in excess of $1 million. Along with other surviving family members of Challenger victims, she founded the Challenger Center for Space Science Education in memory of the entire mission crew. As the founding director, she continues to oversee programs designed to inspire and educate students and teachers in science and mathematics through space education.



Challenger Learning Centers across the country need passionate members of their communities to help in various ways.

Want to help IMMEDIATELY? Spread the word about Challenger Center to your community by sharing our news on Facebook or @ChallengerCtr.

Interested in helping out a Challenger Learning Center? Contact one in your area and get involved.


*Contact a Challenger Learning Center in your area and get involved today.


Kim Kardashian 1980

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“I’m cheap about so many things. I look over everything. I would say I am pretty frugal,” Kardashian said. “You know, I thought the more money I made, that I would spend more. And that’s the opposite. The more money that I make, the more I want to save.”


*Hopefully you have become like Kim Kardashian… in some ways. The more money that you’ve made is hopefully inspiring you to save even more. Look over all of your spending this year and see where you can be more frugal.


Carrie Fisher 1956 – watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Disney has also stated that there will be no computer-generated version of Leia in Episode IX like there was in Rogue One.



*Not only is it the last Jedi, it’s the last time you will see Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. Watch it with your brother or sister – don’t open mouth kiss them though.


Benjamin Netanyahu 1949 – Israeli Salad

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud ) eats fruit and vegetables at government meetings. His only sin outside of meetings is to eat raisins and nuts, which are healthy but fattening.


*Eat lots of fruits and vegetables today. Snack on some raisins and nuts. End your day with this delicious Israeli Salad. Wash it down with a Princess Leia.

Princess Leia

A simple pink cocktail with gold hues harkens back toPrincess Leia’s infamous gold slave outfit from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. For a princess-inspired cocktail recipe that is also no-frills, try the Frenchy.

Pear vodka, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice all intermingle for a triple threat.


SNUB – Zack Greinke

Review –

  • Be a super-idealist
  • Go kayaking
  • Volunteer at a Challenger Learning Center
  • The more money you make – the more you save
  • Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Israeli Salad

October 20

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Tom Petty 1950

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Tom Petty honors hometown Gainesville with a newly released song and video that his family has issued a year after the rocker’s death.

According to Petty’s website, “Gainesville” is a “previously unreleased track from Echo sessions — February 12, 1998.” The tune is included a new box set of songs from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers called “An American Treasure.”

“Gainesville”’ has a sound that is unmistakable Petty. The images on the video include lots of shots of Petty over the years and distinctive “only in Florida” scenes — alligators, beautiful springs, mounds of Spanish moss hanging from huge oak trees and kids of all ages having fun.


Tom Petty always felt as though he was a “musician’s musician” who, with his workman-like approach to things, just cut out the unnecessary stuff and focused on the most important thing: the music.


*Whatever your passion is, take a workman-like approach to it. Cut out the unnecessary stuff and focus on the most import thing. Listen to Tom Petty for inspiration.


Mickey Mantle 1931

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His training consisted of sledge hammering rocks in the coal mines of Oklahoma and farm work, which created an unmatched strength to ball players in his time.


Former baseball superstar Mickey Mantle, his face drawn and his body weakened from the affects of a liver transplant that saved his life, Tuesday said he wanted to tell children, ‘don’t be like me.’ ‘All you have to do is look at me and see where (my life) was wasted,’


*If possible, find a local farmer and ask if they would like some free labor. They will say yes and might even feed you – well. Another option would be to go to the batting cages and swing away like Mickey Mantle.


Ken Ham 1951

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For instance, Romans 10:9 states, “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”


*Go to a real-life confessional and confess your sins today.


Snoop Dogg 1971

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Good marketing is being generous

Snoop Dogg is living, breathing, blunt-puffin’ proof that the best marketing tactic is not to ask, but to give.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Grammy-award winning artist or nerdy gimmick rapper: when Snoop is asked for a feature, he checks his ego at the door and uses the opportunity to grow his network of fans. This marketing ethic has not only earned him lots of green, but it has allowed him to remain culturally relevant far beyond the typical expiration date for rappers. And it’s all because he says “yes” when asked to help other people.


*Be generous with your time. Remember that you are using opportunities to grow your network and remain relevant by helping other people.


John Krasinski 1979 – watch A Quiet Place

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Sitting at 95 percent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and taking in $340 million worldwide, claiming the film “worked” is a bit of an understatement. With a sequel on the way, it’s possible that this is merely the beginning of a game-changing franchise in the realm of horror and sci-fi stories.

The sequel to A Quiet Place lands in theaters on May 15, 2020.


When I saw “A Quiet Place” at SXSW, I jumped out of my seat a few times. Since you’re the director, did that happen to you?
At South by Southwest, it did. I was cutting the movie still and sound editing it 12 to 24 hours before, so it was as fresh as it could be. The greatest gift the audience gave me was their extreme energy, them gasping and screaming really allowed me to see my movie for the first time. I was thrilled.



*Watch A Quiet Place and try not to make a sound.


Nargis Fakhri 1979 – avocado toast

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The beauty posted a picture of a delicious-looking avocado toast, saying, ‘Trying to get my healthy on’ and the toast was the definition of a nutritious meal.

The toast is topped with mashed avocado and one perfectly poached egg, along with some seasoning for flavor.

But this doesn’t mean that Nargis doesn’t believe in indulging herself every now and then. In one of her Insta-stories today, we spotted a ‘hungover’ Fakhri attacking a burger with great gusto, while listening to a podcast in bed. Cheers to good food, Nargis!


*Smoke weed while listening to a mix of Tom Petty and Snoop Dogg while making this basic breakfast. Or if you are hungover, attack a burger for breakfast.

SNUB – Scott Hall

Review –

  • Have a workman-like approach to your passion
  • Be a volunteer farmhand
  • Confess your sins
  • Be generous with your time
  • Watch A Quiet Place
  • Make avocado toast






October 19

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Cassius M. Clay 1810

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Cassius Marcellus Clay was a mass of contradictions. On one hand he was a brawling, idealist yet on the other he was a poet and a towering intellectual, steadfastly unwavering and courageous in his ideals . . . and like all heroes, he was in the right place at the right time . . . and he changed the course of history!


*Be courageous in your ideals like Cassius M. Clay and maybe one day “The Greatest” will be named after you. (Before finding the Muslim faith)


Evander Holyfield 1962

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“The Real Deal” delivered one more time.

Evander Holyfield, boxing’s only four-time world heavyweight champion, was greeted with a standing ovation on Sunday at his induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, and he punctuated the moment with a heartfelt speech that focused on the significant contributions to his long career made by his mother and his siblings.

“This Hall of Fame thing is all about the help I got from someone else,” said Holyfield, the youngest of nine children. “My mother would have been so happy.”



  1. Sprint 40 yards
  2. Sprint backwards 40 yards
  3. Do 10 frog jumps (be explosive!)
  4. Do 10 push-ups
  5. Bear crawl (like Spiderman) 40 yards
  6. Bear crawl backwards 40 yards
  7. Sideways run right 40 yards
  8. Sideways run left 40 yards
  9. Do 10 frog jumps
  10. Explosive skipping (knee up as high as possible) forward 40 yards
  11. Explosive skipping (same as above) backward 40 yards


*Not quite as good as Cassius Clay, but pretty close was “The Real Deal” Evander Holyfield. No gym or trainer needed for his heavyweight workout.


John Woolman 1720

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Woolman balanced a workman’s life in New Jersey with visits to Indian tribes and to Friends’ meetings in other states, preaching a doctrine of asceticism and human perfectibility.


In the fourth century, St. Basil the Great talked about the ascetic life as being nothing less than “the life of the Gospel.” St. Paul encouraged Christians to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17). Prayer and silence are the vocation of Christians and spiritual seekers. This spiritual way, this task, can be done anywhere, not just in caves or monasteries. Take a moment at the office or job just to be quiet, acknowledge God, and say a prayer of peace and understanding.


*Practice asceticism – take a moment just to be quiet, acknowledge God, and say a prayer of peace and understanding.

“Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth. Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust. Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace. Let peace fill our heart, world, our universe.”


Charles Merrill 1885

Image result for charles merrill


In 1940, the year Charles Edward Merrill founded the firm we now know as Merrill Lynch & Co., he was 54 years old and had already lived an extraordinarily productive and visible life. A poor boy from the backwaters of Florida, Merrill was forced to leave college by lack of funds. But he schemed his way to Wall Street and made himself wealthy by the time he was 31.


*Start an account with Merrill Lynch today. Start out with their –

Personal Retirement Calculator


Trey Parker 1969 – watch South Park

Image result for trey parker


Parker grew up in small-town Colorado. While in high school, he and a friend released a comedy musical album, Immature: A Collection of Love Ballads for the ’80s Man. He went on to study at the Berklee College of Music, later transferring to the University of Colorado in Boulder. There he met fellow student Matt Stone, an art and math major with whom he shared an interest in film. The two began working on their first full-length collaboration, the movie Cannibal!: The Musical(1993), while still attending school.


Being Independent For A While Is Good

South Park teaches the lesson of learning to be happy, independent of relationships, in a very unconventional way – through the love life of Satan.


*Watch South Park all by yourself today.


Jon Favreau 1966 – Cuban sandwich

Image result for jon favreau chef gif


Along those lines, what is it like to write a fat joke for someone else to say to you on screen?
I think it goes hand in hand with what those other guys are doing. You can’t be self-conscious. You got to lay it on the line for the laughs. You got to get at the truth. The fact of the matter is, man, I’m a 47-year-old dad who likes to eat. And that’s who I am now in my life. And that’s different. That’s different from the 27-year-old guy who’s out in Hollywood trying to get a girl’s phone number.




Favreau admits that the film was the reason he learned how to cook, and learning to cook became a bonding experience for him and his family. He tells Kimmel that his newly remodeled kitchen is his “man cave,” to which Kimmel (oh so unfortunately) responds, “You realize your man cave is a woman cave…”


*Watch Chef and then make the Cuban sandwich from the movie and enjoy.

SNUB – Ashlyn Harris

Review –

  • Be courageous in your ideals
  • The Real Deal workout
  • Practice Asceticism
  • Start an account with Merrill Lynch
  • Watch South Park
  • Make a Cuban sandwich

October 18

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Martina Navratilova 1956

Image result for martina navratilova


The enormity of Martina Navratilova’s career places her atop the list when tennis historians debate which player – male or female – is the best of all time. When one of her closest competitors Billie Jean King says that Navratilova is “the greatest singles, doubles, and mixed doubles player who ever lived,” it’s hard not to take those words at face value.


Do what you love – Martina said she would never have achieved such success had she not LOVED tennis. Her passion even led her to defect to the US when her home country (then communist-run Czechoslovakia) made her leave her family behind. Never knowing if she’d see them again, Martina made the unwavering commitment to make the sacrifice worth it by being her best on the court.


*Do what you love and make the unwavering commitment to make the sacrifice worth it by being the best you can be.


Zac Efron 1987

Image result for zac efron


According to The Times, Efron said: “Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me! They thought [my profile] was fake.”


The main feature of the workouts is supersetting—doing two exercises back-to-back with no rest in between. Not only does this approach save time, it also doubles as cardio, burning more calories and enhancing the “pump” that drives more nutrition-filled blood into the muscles for fast growth.



*Have your trainer put you through a supersetting workout. Or try the Baywatch Body Program.


Chuck Swindoll 1934

Image result for chuck swindoll


My favorite verse about how God faithfully takes special note of those who serve Him is Hebrews 6:10:

For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints.

I love that verse! God is not unjust to forget our service to Him. He is faithful. The verse goes on to tell two things God faithfully remembers about His servants:

  1. He remembers our work—each individual act.
  2. He also takes note of the love within us that prompted the deed.


God the Father

We acknowledge the Creator-God as our heavenly Father, infinitely perfect and intimately acquainted with all our ways.

As the first person of the Trinity, the Father is the source and ruler of all things and is fatherly in His relationship with creation in general and believers in particular.


*God remembers your work and he takes note of the love within you. Take today to acknowledge God as your heavenly Father and the ruler of all things. Know that he is fatherly with his believers – so accept him as your Father and reap the benefits.


Mike Ditka 1939

Image result for mike ditka pitt


The idea that the toughest old dog ever to stalk a sideline at Soldier Field could be brought low by a heart attack seemed unfathomable. But as Ditka reveals in a lengthy interview with The Athletic, the heart attack was anything but mild … and it’s reworked his thinking on life.

“You always think it’s not going to happen to me until it happens to you,” Ditka told The Athletic’s Dan Pompei. “And then there is nothing you can do about it because it just kicks your butt so bad. You know, the greatest gift we have from God is life. But life without health is not worth a darn.”


Such a boss move by Ditka. No wallet, no money clip, just a fat stack of bills ready for action.


*Be a boss like Mike Ditka today. Carry around a fat stack of cash and don’t be afraid to use it. Live like there’s no tomorrow. H2P


Ne-Yo 1982

Image result for ne-yo gif


Originally performing under the name ‘GoGo’, another producer gave Ne-Yo his current stage name, claiming the R&B singer sees music in the same way Neo sees the world in ‘The Matrix’ movie.


*Listen to Ne-Yo and see the world through his eyes.


Pam Dawber 1951

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Bao to the Pork ($8): This sandwich is essentially New York’s Momofuku pork bun jacked up on human growth hormones with a chaser of performance-enhancing drugs. It’s a catcher’s mitt-sized version of a standard dumpling in sandwich form. Stuffed inside a soft custom bao bun from Highland Baking Co. in Northbrook, Ill., sweet plum barbecue sauce, tangy pickled daikon and carrot and cooling cucumber elevate the rich, smoke-smacked pulled pork shoulder. My only critique is that there weren’t any crispy burnt ends mixed in with the pork, as shown on the website. Mauro said it’s the No. 1 selling sandwich so far and promised more burnt ends in the future.


*If you don’t live near a Pork and Mindy’s try to recreate the Bao to the Pork sangwich in honor of Pam Dawber who co-starred with Robin Williams in Mork and Mindy. “Nanu Nanu” – watch a few episodes of Mork and Mindy while pigging out.

SNUB – Lindsey Vonn

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  • Do what you love
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  • God remembers your work
  • Carry a fat stack of cash
  • Listen to Ne-yo
  • Pork and Mindy sandwich