May 23



Ambrose Burnside 1824

“It is not death therefore that is burdensome, but the fear of death.”

*Live a full life so that you never fear death.


Marvin Hagler 1954 (d. 2021)

A typical training camp for Hagler saw him training 6 days a week with double sessions a day. Hagler woke up early in the morning and began his roadwork at 7am, running 6 miles. []

After his run, Hagler was back for breakfast — “cold cereal and fruit, maybe a mixture of Corn Flakes and Sugar Pops, a pear and a glass of grapefruit juice” — and spent the rest of the day relaxing (“listening to music, reading, eating, writing letters, talking on the telephone, watching television or sleeping”) before his next training session. []

At 6pm, it was time for more training; a 2-hour session focused on boxing work and strength & conditioning: several 3-minute rounds on the jump rope, heavy bag and speed bag, with a 1-minute rest in between. The same routine applied to sit-ups – three minutes work, one minute of rest. []

*Train like Marvin Hagler until you look marvelous. Check off as you go.

BONUS: Drew Carey 1958

His regimen restricts his beverages almost exclusively to water. No diet drinks, coffee, or sports drinks. And no alcohol.

*The price is right – nothing but water today.


Mitch Albom 1958

“Do you believe in anything? I had to ask myself that in Have A Little Faith. And by the end, when I sadly have to take pen to paper and write the farewell for a man I have come to love and respect, I find that I believe in more than I thought. And perhaps you will, too.”

*As I “put pen to paper” to create 365DOLF, I question my faith but stay focused on living my best life.


Jewel 1974

“Do I want to be famous and rich or do I want to be an artist?” “I used that as my road map to guide me on my decision-making and I turned down a million-dollar signing bonus as a homeless kid.”

*What is your ultimate career goal?

What are you using as your road map?


Joan Collins 1933 – watch Dynasty (1981)

*Watch Collins win a Golden Globe in the television show Dynasty.


Aaron Donald 1991 – Dancing Meatballs and Breakfast Tacos – H2P

The Dancing Meatballs got their name because when Donald first tried them, he danced because they were so good. And as for the Breakfast Tacos, it’s “the meal Aaron craves the most.”

*Make Donald’s favorites – dancing meatballs and breakfast tacos.

SNUB – Monica Naranjo 1974

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