October 1


Jimmy Carter 1924

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If you have a family history of cancer, speak with a genetic counselor and take President Carter’s example of not living in fear.


*Speak with a genetic counselor today about your family health history.


Mark McGwire 1963

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McGwire’s workouts do not involve heavy lifting, but many repetitions of relatively light weights.

McGwire is careful in his use of androstenedione and creatine.

*Use light weights with many repetitions and research any supplements that you would like to use. Go to the batting cages and hit 70 home runs.


Richard Harris 1930

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“Did you ever read Pope John XXIII’s ‘Journal of the Soul’? He was one of the truly great popes and a great spiritual man. He says he would find faith maybe four times a week and then it would leave him. And he’d spend the rest of the day praying to get that faith back. And we thought the pope has faith 24 hours a day. No he doesn’t! He’s in doubt as well. But that’s religion. That’s the beauty of it. The doubt is as important as the certainty.”

*When the faith leaves you today, pray to get the faith back. You could also watch Richard Harris in The Sporting Life if you are sensing an immerging emptiness in your life.


Julie Andrews 1935

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Andrews suffered a failed vocal chord surgery that resulted in the loss of her singing voice. Instead of giving up, Andrews picked herself up, refocused and continued developing her career by throwing her energy into other projects.

*Take today to think about how you can refocus and continue developing your career. What are some other projects that you could throw your energy into?


Brie Larson 1989 – watch Room

See the source image

*Watch Captain Marvel win an Oscar in Room.


Zach Galifianakis 1969 – vodka with sausage

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“I stopped drinking and I just, kind of, put the weight off,”

“I was having a lot of vodka with sausage. Delicious, but bad for you.”

*Make a bunch of sausage. Add some brie cheese and Jimmy Carter peanuts. Wash it all down with Vodka and a spoonful of sugar.

CROSSOVER: ENTERTAINMENT – watch Between Two Ferns

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Brie Larson (not Alison Brie, which is annoying because that’s who Zach wanted to interview, but this is fine too I guess) joined Zach between the glorious ferns to discuss if she’s really aiming high enough as an actress, and what it’s like to be named after cheese.


*Watch Between Two Ferns starring Zach Galifianakis as he interviews fellow 10/1 birthday Brie Larson.

SNUB – Walter Matthau 1920

Review –

  • Speak with a genetic counselor
  • Use light weights with many reps
  • Pray to get the faith back
  • Refocus to develop your career
  • Watch Room
  • Sausage and vodka

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I was born in Northwestern Pennsylvania and lived in a trailer park. I was raised by very conservative and religious (Wesleyan Methodist) parents. By some miracle I graduated college and moved to Florida. I have been a public school teacher since 1995. I have 7 years until I can retire. I was married in 1999 and divorced in 2001. I remarried in 2017 to Kate - 21 years my junior. Some of my life experiences as a 46-year-old, white American male, will come through in my writing, but the majority of this daily journey will be dedicated to improving myself, and hopefully you as well.

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