December 24



Mary Barra 1961

At Mary Barra's GM, It's Profit Before All Else - Bloomberg

“Don’t confuse progress with winning: If the world is improving at 10 percent and you’re improving at 2 percent, you might be improving, but you’re losing.”

*As we are getting close to the end of the year, take this Christmas Eve to determine if you are winning this year or not.


Ryan Seacrest 1974

Ryan Seacrest GIF - Sorry Ryanseacrest - Discover & Share GIFs

“I schedule my workouts as if they were meetings, and I make sure they don’t get canceled. I make a deliberate plan to fit in a workout each day of the week within my schedule.”

“I like circuit workouts and core workouts. I always like to break a sweat from the get-go right up through the hour. We do everything from using large core balls to doing basic pushups and sit-ups to sprints on the stationary bike. I enjoy changing exercises during the hour and throughout the week.”

*Schedule your workout for today and remember that it is Christmas Eve.

Sweat for an hour []  Use large core balls []  push-ups []  sit-ups []  

sprints on the bike []


Hezekiah Walker 1962

Red Carpet View — Breaking News From Bishop Hezekiah Walker...

The vision God gave to Pastor Walker was founded on the three “P’s:” Prayer, Preaching and Praise.

*What vision is God giving to you on this Christmas Eve?

Focus on the 3 P’s today.

Pray – pray for God to give you the vision that he sees in you []

Preach – let someone know what you are up to with these 3 P’s []

Praise – praise God for the vision that he sends you []


Kate Spade 1962

Kate Spade GIF - Kate Spade - Discover & Share GIFs

Kate Spade’s billion-dollar brand was remembered after the fashion designer was found dead of an apparent suicide in her New York City apartment. Spade built a business empire — one she started out of her one-bedroom Manhattan apartment with her husband — over the course of two decades.

*You too can build a billion-dollar business empire out of your apartment. But if that’s not enough and you don’t have the balance that you need in life, it doesn’t matter.

Is building your dream business going to be enough for you?

People are most likely to commit suicide around Christmas timeFalse. Contrary to popular belief, the suicide rate peaks in the springtime, not the wintertime.


Howard Hughes 1905

Howard Hughes - The Private Life and Times of Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes  Pictures.

*Watch The Aviator starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Make it a Christmas Eve tradition.


Ricky Martin 1971 – mango chutney

Ricky Martin GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

*Start your day the Ricky Martin way with this healthy mango chutney.

*End your day with a Ricky Martini.

BONUS – Ana Brenda Contreras 1986 – chicharron and tacos

Ana Brenda Ana Brenda Contreras GIF - Ana Brenda Ana Brenda Contreras Whos  That - Discover & Share GIFs

Contreras loves Mexican food and gives in to a chicharrón craving now and then. “Everything you see, I owe it to tacos,”

SNUB – Ava Gardner 1922

Ava Gardner GIF - Ava Gardner - Discover & Share GIFs

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