December 28



Woodrow Wilson 1856

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“I not only use all the brains that I have, but all I can borrow.”

*Get with someone that you trust and borrow their brains today. Two heads are better than one. Help each other LIVE FAMOUSLY today.


Joe Manganiello 1976

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Manganiello is an old-school gym rat. He doesn’t do any fancy exercises, just tried-and-true staples like bench press, overhead press, and pushdowns.

*Bench press – weight __________ sets _______ reps __________

overhead press – weight __________ sets __________ reps __________

pushdowns – weight __________ sets __________ reps __________

Work on those Pittsburgh steel muscles today.


John Legend 1978

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Legend’s ‘All of Me’ shows a passion that can’t be deterred by “curves” or “edges” or “imperfections.”

*Listen to John Legend all day. It’s good for your SOUL. Remind that special someone how much you love their curves and edges – all their perfect imperfections.

What are the “perfect imperfections” of someone you love?


Stan Lee 1922

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“I was happy enough to get a nice paycheck and be treated well. It was a very good job. I was able to buy a house on Long Island. I never dreamed I should have $100 million or $250 million or whatever that crazy number is. All I know is I created a lot of characters and enjoyed the work I did.”

*If you are getting a nice paycheck and are treated well – be happy. You could be much happier if you were the one signing those checks and treating your employees well.


Denzel Washington 1954 – watch Training Day

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*Watch Denzel win one of his two Oscars for his role in Training Day.


Sienna Miller 1981 – Chicken Adobo


Sienna’s Signature Dish? Chicken Adobo. It’s a Philippine chicken stew. There’s nothing elegant about it in terms of presentation but it’s delicious.”

BONUS: Seth Meyers 1973 – Chex mix with lots of butter

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Death-row last meal? “My mom’s homemade Chex mix. No one makes it like her, although I recently learned that the key to her success is just butter.”

What is your death row last meal?

SNUB – Maggie Smith 1934

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