December 29



Andrew Johnson 1808

The Chubachus Library of Photographic History: Animated Stereoscopic  Photographic Portrait of President Andrew Johnson (1860's)

“I realized, there are people out there who can beat me, want to beat me. And unless I continue to innovate and evolve, I am going to learn a painful lesson from someone who has.”

*The year is almost over. Innovate and evolve to avoid a painful lesson from someone who has.

How are you going to continue to innovate and evolve next year?


Jude Law 1972

May Jude Law be happy always. — Jude Law in Cold Mountain (2003) requested  by...

“My main rules were that it had to include the whole body, and it had to be interesting. Everything was a big movement – we’d work with kettlebells, do deadlifts, pull-ups and drag chains.”

*Have your trainer put you through a whole-body workout that is interesting. Use kettlebells, deadlifts, pull-ups, and drag chains. Watch Jude Law almost win an Oscar in Cold Mountain for motivation.


Stanley Williams 1953

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Stanley Tookie Williams was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times while in prison for murder.

“If redemption wasn’t made for people with our experiences, then for whom?” 

*Redemption is available for everyone. No matter what you’ve done, ask God for forgiveness.

What are you asking forgiveness for?


Ted Danson 1947

Cheers' to 'The Good Place': The Understated Hilarity of Ted Danson

Danson spent 2 weeks at a bartending school for training to play Sam on Cheers.

*End this year by continuing your education to help with your current job, prepare you for a different job, or to use for a side hustle.

How are you going to continue your education next year?


Jon Voight 1938 – watch Coming Home

Best Coming Home Jane Fonda GIFs | Gfycat

*Watch Jon Voight win an Oscar in Coming Home.


Alison Brie 1982 – cacio e pepe balls

rp helper — expositcs: ALISON BRIE GIF PACK / clicking on the...

If you could eat something right this second, what would you want to eat? “I would want to eat one of those balls from Lilia… those cacio e pepe balls… It’s like an arancini? It is maybe my favorite thing in the world.”

*Make your own cacio e pepe balls and add some brie cheese.

SNUB – Matthew Berry 1969 and Eric Berry 1988

Matthew Berry GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
Eric Berry Oh Hell Naw GIF - Eric Berry Oh Hell Naw - Discover & Share GIFs

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