January 5, 2022



Chuck Noll 1932

1969: A Noll Arrives in Pittsburgh | Abstract Sports

“I think everybody under Chuck’s leadership grew as players and people,” – Lynn Swann

*Take today to help someone grow as a person


Bradley Cooper 1975

Chris kyle bradley cooper GIF on GIFER - by Mezik

For his role in American Sniper, Cooper went to the gym for 4 hours a day.

*Act like you’re preparing for a movie role and go to the gym for 4 hours today


Carrie Ann Inaba 1968

Pin on GIF

“Sometimes people ask me, “Carrie Ann, you’re always smiling that big smile on TV. Where does all that positivity come from?” I’ll let you in on a little secret. I pray before work.”

*Pray for positivity before work today.

How was your day at work after praying?


King C. Gillette 1855

KING C. GILLETTE Branding and Advertising | circus maximus
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities
  • Good ideas come from common problems

*Any time that you have a problem this year, ask yourself how you could make money off fixing that problem.

What is one problem that you dealt with last year or anticipate dealing with this year?

BONUS: Kristen Cavallari 1987

CLEO GIF HUNTS ♡ — Kristin Cavallari Gifs

“Go for it! Follow your gut but be very transparent about how much work you’re willing to do. Start-up life isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s all encompassing and will push you to your limit. You have to be willing to sacrifice and kick ass, otherwise you will crumble.” 

*As you work on your dream business this year, heed the advice from the actress turned entrepreneur. Also reevaluate your marriage today.


Diane Keaton 1946 – (Kay Adams) and Robert Duvall 1931 – (Tom Hagen) – watch The Godfather

Tom Hagen & Kay Adams - The Godfather | The godfather, Celebrities, Toms

*As Diane Keaton and Robert Duvall share a birthday, they also share some scenes in The Godfather. Talia Shire and Al Pacino share a birthday on 4/25. Watch The Godfather today and part 2 on April 25.


January Jones 1978

Best January Jones GIFs | Gfycat

“I’m from South Dakota, so meat, potatoes, carbs.”

*Eat like January Jones today – meat, potatoes, and carbs!

SNUB – Jason Mitchell 1987

This Is The Autobiography Of The E. GIF | Gfycat