January 20



Bill Maher 1956

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“You’re a different person every decade, and every decade you have different needs and desires and values. In my fifties, what became important to me was comfort and acceptance. I wouldn’t have said those two things in my twenties.”

There are certainly aspects of my life that I would like to take back, but you can’t. I’ve probably spent too much time saying, “Oh, God, I hate myself for doing this or that…” But we’re all in a state of evolution.”

*Which decade are you in?

Think about how your life has changed from 20s to 30s and so on. Realize that you are evolving and do not hate yourself for any of the mistakes that you have made. Look forward to continuing to evolve.

How have you recently evolved?

SIDE NOTE: Donald Trump left office on this day in 2021 – to the delight of Maher.


Buzz Aldrin 1930

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His current fitness routines involve some daily mind exercises while he is working out. Buzz even reads and studies while he is training,

“You have to be organized more as you age to get it all in.”

*Be like Buzz Aldrin today and read while working out. You have been given a few reading suggestions so far. Use one of those to read while on the elliptical or stationary bike.


Stacey Dash 1967

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“Because I was broken emotionally and broke financially, I couldn’t do anything but call out to God. Finally. After all of those years sort of running away from God, I know He got my attention. This is when I went to Him and made a promise. Okay, God, I give up, I cried. “I surrender. Let’s do it Your way from now on.”

*Hopefully you haven’t hit rock bottom – before you do, call out to God, and try doing it His way from now on.


Lorenzo Lamas 1958

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Some people suffer a major life event that impacts their finances. For some it’s job loss, for others, divorce. For some, as in Lamas’ case, it’s a combination of both.

*Are your prepared financially to survive a major life event?

If not, today is the day to start prepping. Try not to get divorced 5 times like Lamas for a start.

How are you preparing financially for a major life event?


Evan Peters 1987 – watch Mare of Easttown

Evan Peters Source — shoenaerts: Evan Peters as Caleb Zabel in Mare...

*Watch Peters win a Primetime Emmy in Mare of Easttown.

BONUS: Paul Stanley 1952 – listen to KISS

Pin on Guardado rápido

*You work hard for your money – so does KISS. Let them play for you.


Rainn Wilson 1966 – Schrute Farms Beet and Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

7 Reasons Dwight Schrute Loves Beets, and You Should Too

*Enjoy this beet recipe in honor of Schrute Farms.


BONUS: Questlove 1971 – Maya Rudolph’s chocolate chili

JAZZ, JAZZ, JAZZ / Animation — Cornelius Joksch

Musician, author and food lover Questlove shares a few of his favorite recipes from his new cookbook “Mixtape Potluck Cookbook: A Dinner Party for Friends, Their Recipes, and the Songs They Inspire.” He shows us how to make Maya Rudolph’s chocolate chili


*Make this chocolate chili so you can dip your beet and goat cheese grilled cheese in it.

SNUB – Maria Harfanti 1992

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