February 11



Thomas Edison 1847

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Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, he improved upon the ideas of 22 other men who pioneered the light bulb before him. Edison simply figured out how to sell the light bulb.

*There are plenty of daily planners and “meal a day” journals, but 365DOLF is going to be the best one available. It’s up to me to not only create it, but to sell it.


Taylor Lautner 1992

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“Push Your Limits.”

*Push your limits today with this Taylor Lautner workout. Almost a month and a half in, let’s start looking for some ab muscles soon.


Sheryl Crow 1962

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“After I found out I had breast cancer, it made me redefine and refine my life. I want to encourage everybody to quiet your brain, even if it is just for five minutes a day, so that you are able to tap into the divine and what is for you.”

*Redefine and refine your life, starting today. After you quiet your brain for five minutes, listen to some Sheryl Crow for inspiration.


Kelly Rowland 1981

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“I remember just going completely nuts on trips to Paris and Italy, blowing like 30 grand in 30 minutes at Bergdorf Goodman. It was ridiculous. Eventually, I started to realize that my AmEx bill was really, really high and I needed to chill out.”

*Get your credit card statements out and look at them.

Is it time to chill out? Can you pay your bills?


Burt Reynolds 1936 – watch Boogie Nights

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Burt Reynolds hated ‘Boogie Nights’ so much that he fired his agent afterward

*Watch Burt Reynolds almost win an Oscar in Boogie Nights.


Jennifer Aniston 1969 – vital proteins coffee and lean carbonara

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“My go-to collagen routine is adding Vital Proteins® Collagen Peptides ($25; shop now on vitalproteins.com) in my morning cup of coffee or smoothie – so easy to use.”

*Start and end your day the Jennifer Aniston way.

What is your signature recipe? “Pasta is the only one I really, really like to do. The one I make all the time is a lean carbonara. On the pasta, I put eggs, cheese, turkey bacon, and a little sautéed red onion and garlic. It’s simple—no cream, no butter, no oil, no nothing. Sometimes I’ll add a little pasta water if needed.”

*Invite your FRIENDS over and enjoy this lean carbonara. Invite me over and I’ll be there for you.

SNUB – Sarah Palin 1964 and Alex Jones 1974 – maybe having a birthday Tea Party

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