February 25



Chelsea Handler 1975

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Handler is an advocate for marijuana, citing “therapy, meditation, and weed” as the three pillars that shaped her healthier lifestyle. “Weed has had such a positive impact on me,” she said, adding that she “micro doses” with a THC gummy before bed and occasionally before exercising.

She also doesn’t go a day without meditation. “Sometimes I’d just masturbate. They both start with m, and your brain lets you relax after each one, so who cares?”

*Live today the Chelsea Handler way. Check off each upon completion.

Therapy []        meditation []                weed []             masturbate []  

micro dose before bed []


Joakim Noah 1985

Joakim Noah GIF by Florida Gators

“For conditioning we did a lot of jogging, sprinting, jump roping, and on-court basketball workouts. There are also hill workouts, sprinting with bands, and biking. The results were outstanding. I gained 15 pounds of lean muscle and my strength increased dramatically.”

Check off on your day below –

Jog []   Sprint []            Jump rope []    Play basketball []         Sprint up hills []           Bicycle []


George Harrison 1943

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To cultivate his deep devotion to Krishna (the Sanskrit name for God in human form), he would wake up early and perform yoga postures for half an hour or so.

*Wake up early and perform yoga postures for half an hour while chanting: “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.” Beatles music in the background is optional.


Ric Flair 1949

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Ric Flair Finance, formed in September 2007 as a loan referral service, was not licensed. The company was shut down in North Carolina, and Flair’s partner in the venture ended up suing Flair for not paying back a loan Flair had taken from him.

*Flair had no experience in finance, and he also wasn’t licensed. As you continue to strive for your own business, learn from the mistakes of the Nature Boy.


Sean Astin 1971 – watch The Goonies

Map carte sean astin GIF on GIFER - by Mahuginn

*Watch a young Sean Astin in The Goonies before he was Rudy or Sam


Carrot Top 1969

Carrot Top GIFs | Tenor

Breakfast: carrot top green juice [] Lunch: warm carrot top salad [] Dinner: carrot top pesto over pasta []

*Enjoy these carrot top recipes and “The Nature Boy’s” daily intake of alcohol today. This should not be done alone. Whoooooo!

SIDENOTE: Wrestling legend Ric Flair had 15 drinks a day and slept with 10,000 women

*Use today to get a haircut. There is some great birthday lettuce to inspire a new hairstyle. George Harrison, Joakim Noah, Carrot Top, and Ric Flair. Ask your stylist for a combination of all 4.

SNUB – Rashida Jones 1976

Rashida Jones GIFs | Tenor

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