April 26

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John James Audubon 1785

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John James Audubon (1785-1851) was not the first person to attempt to paint and describe all the birds of America (Alexander Wilson has that distinction), but for half a century he was the young country’s dominant wildlife artist. His seminal Birds of America, a collection of 435 life-size prints, quickly eclipsed Wilson’s work and is still a standard against which 20th and 21st century bird artists, such as Roger Tory Peterson and David Sibley, are measured.


*Go bird watching today. See how many different birds you can find.


Channing Tatum 1980

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30 Minute Circuit – As many sets as possible:


*Do this Channing Tatum 30 minute circuit and show off those abs!


Israr Ahmed 1932

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Every Human Soul goes through FIVE stages

The word Jihad and the verb that goes with it mean to struggle against some opposition. Thus, each and every human being is engaged in Jihad, in the sense that everyone has to struggle for his existence.


*What is your Jihad? What are you struggling with and how can you overcome it?


Melania Trump 1970

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Everybody is going to have an opinion, but you’re in the driver’s seat.
People are entitled to their thoughts when awkward moments happen. But at the end of the day, you’re the one who has a choice about how to react to what’s said about you and your business.


*Yelp reviews can be hard to read but remember that you’re in the driver’s seat and have control over the future of your business, regardless of what anyone else thinks.


Tionne Watkins 1970 – listen to TLC

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After over 30 years in the music business, Tionne Watkins, better known as T-Boz of the legendary, multi-platinum girl group TLC, along with the remaining member, Ronzonda “Chilli” Thomas, finished up their fifth and final studio album, but are still touring to sold-out shows around the world.



*Don’t be a scrub – listen to TLC


Carol Burnett 1933 – Raspberry Riches

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Fans of The Carol Burnett Show quickly picked up on the comedienne’s regular ear tug at the end of each episode. That small gesture was the thoughtful way she said hello to her grandmother, Mabel Eudora White, who raised her after her parents’ marriage ended.


*Tug on your ear as you make Carol Burnett’s raspberry riches. 

SNUB – Jet Li

Review –

  • Go bird watching
  • Channing Tatum workout
  • Declare a Jihad
  • You decide how to react to people
  • Listen to TLC
  • Make Carol Burnett’s Raspberry Riches