September 6

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Jane Addams 1860

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Jane Addams won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. She was the first American woman to win this prestigious award. She is considered by many to be the “mother” of modern social work.

Addams would not have been able to become the social reformer that she was without breaking away from her family ties and departing from her past.

*Is your family holding you back? If so, take today to break away from your family ties and depart from your past to become what you were meant to be.


Idris Elba 1972 – play a sport

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In an obscene case of “WTF were they thinking?” a British doll manufacturer thought they would capitalize on the crowning of Idris Elba as People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” by creating a doll in his honor.

Don’t give up on sports. In school, Elba played basketball, soccer, and rugby. He also joined a Sunday soccer league after he graduated. “I was always a real athletic kid,” says Elba. “Then when I got older, I just figured it was part of life to keep training. “It’s a great way to stay active and burn hundreds of calories without even realizing it.

*Sign up to play on a team in a league. For me it’s a basketball league at the local YMCA. This gives me something to look forward to and continue training for. Hopefully there will be a doll made in my likeness one day.


Ryan Shazier 1992

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That’s my message to people I meet with alopecia who really struggle with it, and who won’t go anywhere without a hat. I know how tough it is. But I look at it this way — if your hair magically grows back tomorrow, it’s not going to change who you are as a person, or what you’re capable of, or who loves you.

*This was written before he was partially paralyzed while playing football. He can walk again, but will never play football for the Pittsburgh Steelers again. If he magically could, it wouldn’t change who he is as a person or who loves him. Go Steelers!


Macpherson Robertson 1859

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A family disagreement followed his marriage on 8 July 1886 to Elizabeth Alice Hedington and he left the business to found the American Candy Co. His skills, however, were indispensable and within a few years he returned, although bitterly resenting presentation of the enterprise as his father’s.

*Do you have skills that are indispensable? If you left your job today to start your own company, would anyone ask you to return?


Roger Waters 1943 – listen to Pink Floyd

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How Roger Waters Will Fight Trump With Upcoming Tour, Concept Album

“I’ve only ever written about one thing in my life, which is the fact that we as human beings have a responsibility to one another,” singer says

Respect your customers. Though DSOTM’s themes of mortality, insanity, greed, and aggression are deep, the band respected their fans’ intelligence and trusted that they would “get it.”

*Listen to Pink Floyd until you “get it”


Chris Christie 1962 – spaghetti and meatballs

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Gov. Chris Christie called for reduced Social Security benefits for retired seniors earning more than $80,000 and eliminating the benefit entirely for individuals making $200,000 and up in other income, along with raising the retirement age to 69 from 67.

*Chris Christie knows food. Eat his favorite spaghetti and meatballs at 5:30 tonight. Have a Freddo Frog for dessert around 5:55.

Twenty years after Sir Macpherson died aged 85 in 1945, his family sold the business to Cadbury, which continues to make Freddo Frog and Cherry Ripe.

SNUB – Pippa Middleton

Review –

  • Depart from your past
  • Play a sport
  • Nothing can change who you are and what you’re capable of.
  • What are your indispensable skills?
  • Listen to Pink Floyd
  • Make spaghetti and meatballs