September 8

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Bernie Sanders 1941

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In Congress, Bernie has fought tirelessly for working families, focusing on the shrinking middle class and growing gap between the rich and everyone else.

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

So it’s smart to look at your failure and celebrate what you have achieved. In his speech, Sanders thanked his supporters who “showed the world that we could run a successful national campaign based on small individual contributions–2 1/2 million of them.”

Some observers took exception to his describing his losing campaign as “successful,” and yet it was, compared to everyone’s expectations. No one, least of all Sanders, thought he had a serious shot at being president back when primary season began.

*Now that you are ¾ of the way through 365DOLF, celebrate what you have accomplished. Share it with everyone equally.


Brooke Burke 1971

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I try to get to a Pilates Plus class, which is an intense, fast-paced workout that’s done on a special reformer machine, at least three times a week. I also go to the gym a couple of times. I do 15 minutes on the treadmill, walk­ing at a 3.5-mile-per-hour speed and a 15-grade incline

*If you can’t get to a Pilates Plus class, do 15 minutes on the treadmill, walking 3.5 mph at a 15-grade incline. Also think of getting the brookeburkebody app.


Ruby Bridges 1954

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When Ruby Bridges walked into her first-grade class in 1960, the tiny 6-year-old became a powerful symbol of the Civil Rights Movement. She was the first black student to attend the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, despite the mob of protestors who raged outside the school. First-grade teacher Barbara Henry thought she would be teaching a full classroom that year, but none of her white students came to class. Ruby would be Mrs. Henry’s only student that year.

*If you have a daunting challenge today, gather the courage of Ruby Bridges to overcome it.


Peter Sellers 1925 – write a will

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After appearing in over 60 films as well as on numerous radio and television shows throughout his career, Sellers died of a heart attack on July 24, 1980. Displaying his unending sense of humor, the comic said good-bye with one last joke. At Sellers’ request, the song “In The Mood” was played at his funeral, a tune that he hated. According to biographer Roger Lewis, Sellers had told his son Michael that the song was “wonderfully inappropriate – hence, wonderfully appropriate – for solemn occasions.”

A letter has emerged signed by Peter Sellers hours before his death, which lends weight to the theory that the wrong person inherited his wealth.

*You were introduced to a few days ago. Use it again today to make your will.


Pink 1979 – yes, Pink and the Pink Panther share a birthday

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Every album is a capsule of the artist’s life at that point and Pink’s seventh studio album is no exception. This time, the music speaks to what matters to her most right now: her marriage, children, lessons learned, challenges overcome, and the state of politics and gender equality.

*Listen to Pink all day.

SIDE NOTE – My favorite female artist shares a birthday with my wife.


Wiz Khalifa 1987 – rice and salmon

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Wiz Khalifa knows what he wants.

The Pittsburgh hip-hop star, who is performing at KeyBank Pavilion tonight on his “Dazed & Blazed” tour, tweeted Thursday morning with a request for his hometown fans: weed and Primanti’s.

Wiz really likes rice, salmon, and baked chicken; things of that nature. The funny thing is, anything with rice, Wiz is really down with it. When it’s rice involved, I know that he’s going to come and scoop him up a plate.

*Enjoy making and eating this salmon and rice recipe while listening to a mix of Pink and Wiz. Have some late-night weed and Primanti’s Brothers sandwiches. Go Steelers!

Wash it down with “the black and yellow” cocktail.

SNUB – Chumlee

Review –

  • Celebrate what you’ve accomplished
  • Pilates or a treadmill workout
  • Gather the courage to overcome a daunting challenge
  • Make a will
  • Listen to Pink
  • Make salmon and rice