September 14

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Margaret Sanger 1879

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Tragedy Leads to Commitment
Sanger’s commitment to birth control sprung from personal tragedy. One of eleven children born to a working class Irish Catholic family in Corning, New York, at age nineteen Margaret watched her mother die of tuberculosis. Just 50 years old, her mother had wasted away from the strain of eleven childbirths and seven miscarriages. Facing her father over her mother’s coffin, Margaret lashed out, “You caused this. Mother is dead from having too many children.”

The first leadership lesson I learned from the founder of the birth control movement is:   All worthwhile accomplishments start with a vision. Not a small, incremental vision, but a bold, audacious, flaming red, bigger than yourself vision.

*Write down your bold, audacious, flaming red, bigger than yourself vision.


Andrew Lincoln 1973

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For starters, his name is not really Andrew Lincoln. He was born Andrew James Clutterbuck. He chose the stage name while attending college. He thought the last name Clutterbuck sounded like a poor character in a Charles Dickens novel.

Lincoln was more of a runner than gym rat, but his trainer mandated he ditch the distance running if he wanted to pack on some mass. So, he cut out carbs and sugars and added free weights.

*A Walking Dead free weights workout for you today. Cut out carbs and sugars today – yesterday was Chocolate Day. Give yourself a stage name today.


Robert Raikes 1736

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Robert knew that the future was grim for these children who had to work all the time with no hope of an education. Worse yet, with no one to teach them the good news of the Gospel or how to live God’s way, they were likely to end up cold, sick and starving in the dreadful prisons. An idea began to form in Robert’s mind which he shared with his friend, Reverend Thomas Stock.

“Let’s start a Sunday school!” said Robert.

*Make plans to observe a Sunday School on the next possible Sunday. If you like what you see, think of volunteering. 


Deshaun Watson 1995

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Like he has at every stop of his football career, Watson has transformed the Texans organization. He’s also given a franchise — and the city that adores him — reason to believe. “I’m cherishing all the love, especially on the bad days,” Watson says. “I’m doing everything I can to continue to bring joy and excitement to this city.”

Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson donated his first game check to three cafeteria workers who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

*Who is someone you see at work that could use some financial assistance? As a teacher, the custodians who clean my room are going to get a big Christmas bonus from me this year – thanks to the motivation of Deshaun Watson.

SIDE NOTE – He is currently the most famous person to like one of my Instagram posts.


Amy Winehouse 1983

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Amy wasn’t the first (or last) celebrity to be harassed by the paparazzi, but she was one of the first – and certainly the most visible – casualties of the social media age. ‘Back to Black’ exploded at around the same time as Facebook, Twitter and the iPhone, innovations which fundamentally altered how we consume our news. The photographers who camped out on her doorstep day and night in the hopes of capturing her at her most desperate were only there to satisfy our morbid curiosity: if we’d stopped clicking and sharing, they would have turned their attentions elsewhere.

*Listen to the latest member of the “27 Club” before she was gone too soon. Check on friends and loved ones that you know are hurting.


Katie Lee 1981 – chicken and broccoli twice baked spaghetti squash

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The one bright spot was Katie Lee, a college girl from Ohio whom he had picked up in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel. After graduating, she moved into Joel’s house in the Hamptons, and in 2004, they married. Joel was 55, Lee 23 — just four years older than his daughter, Alexa.

They moved into a $4 million loft in Tribeca. Just months into the marriage, Joel was in rehab again.

After a stint at Betty Ford, Lee — herself an aspiring culinary star — encouraged him to get back out on the road, and he began playing live again. In 2008, while touring with Elton John, Joel kept seeing photos of Lee at premieres and gallery openings — and one in particular, of her dancing closely with another man at Art Basel in Miami.

“Those photos looked bad,” Lee told Schruers. She denied an affair.

As the marriage unraveled, Joel held out hope. He told Lee he wanted to go to a therapist. She began talking about furniture. “I realized, ‘It’s not going to happen. We’re over . . . Just don’t send me messages, don’t leave me cute little phone calls, don’t tease me, don’t f- -k with me, just end it. ’Cause I’m an old man now, a vulnerable man. Don’t do that to an old guy.’ ”

*Listen to a nice mix of Billy Joel and Amy Winehouse while making Katie Lee’s chicken and broccoli twice baked spaghetti squash. A wonderful meal on a day you are cutting carbs and sugars.

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Review –

  • Write down you bold, audacious, flaming red, bigger than yourself vision
  • Free weights workout
  • Go to Sunday School
  • Help out someone at work, financially
  • Listen to Amy Winehouse
  • Make chicken and broccoli twice baked spaghetti squash