February 4

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Betty Friedan 1921

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“It was the greatest social revolution probably since the suffragettes. And that movement took a hundred years, and this movement will take a hundred years. We’re only halfway through. And we have to count on the younger ones to push it along.”


Betty Friedan Did Not Set Out To Write A Book

The inspiration for the The Feminine Mystique came in the form of a project for her upcoming college reunion. It was during her survey of her former classmates that she came to realize that most of them just weren’t happy in the role of housewife. Initially, she hoped that the information she had gathered would make for a great article, but every women’s magazine she contacted refused to publish it. Instead, she delved in even deeper into the phenomenon of the depressed housewife, and the result was The Feminine Mystic.


*Think about your former classmates. If you were to poll them right now, what would the results of those polls be? How could you change their lives? Friedan helped change an entire generation of women. You could too. I’m hoping that 365DOLF helps improve the lives of everyone in the Lakeview class of 1990 and the Slippery Rock University class of 1995. (And beyond)


Oscar De La Hoya 1973

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Los Angeles-based Golden Boy Promotions was established in 2002 by Oscar de la Hoya, the first Hispanic to own a national boxing promotional company. Golden Boy Promotions is one of boxing’s most active and respected promoters, presenting shows in packed venues around the United States on networks such as HBO, SHOWTIME, FOX Sports 1 and FOX Deportes.


“Monday is leg day and we focus on the big lifts — squat, lunge, depth lunge and some total body conditioning. Next day is more core work with abs, twists, low back strengthening and we work flexibility throughout. Then an upper body day that’s all push-pull. We want him using equal weight pushing and pulling because that makes him very symmetrical. So that when you’re throwing a punch, everything is very even.”


*Use today as an upper body day. Try to use the same weight (barbell or dumbbells) and focus on four areas – chest (bench press) – biceps (curls) – shoulders (military press) and back (pull downs). Then use the symmetry of the push-pull workout to throw a punch or two in a boxing workout, just like the Golden Boy.


Rosa Parks 1913

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Rosa Louise Parks was nationally recognized as the “mother of the modern day civil rights movement” in America. Her refusal to surrender her seat to a white male passenger on a Montgomery, Alabama bus, December 1, 1955, triggered a wave of protest December 5, 1955 that reverberated throughout the United States. Her quiet courageous act changed America, its view of black people and redirected the course of history.

To carry on the lifework of Rosa Parks in youth development and civil rights education/advocacy. Volunteers from professional, technical, community and international backgrounds are recruited and trained to share their knowledge and skills reflecting Mrs. Parks approach to self-development.


Parks didn’t come out of nowhere. She didn’t single-handedly give birth to the civil rights efforts. Instead, she was part of an existing movement for change at a time when success was far from certain.


*Get out of your comfort zone and ride the city bus today. I had no idea how to do it. I simply went to the nearest bus stop and waited. The wait itself opened my eyes to people less fortunate than I am. Once on the bus, I sat as far to the back as I could and just observed a different world than what I am used to. It was good for my soul.


Lawrence Taylor 1959

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A player who revolutionized the game of football, Lawrence Taylor is a Hall of Fame linebacker who spent his entire career with the New York Giants. LT is one of the greatest players in the history of football, and has been ranked as the top defensive player in league history by former players, coaches, media members, and news outlets such as the NFL Network and Sporting News.

LT lost a fortune with lavish spending, hard partying, and by sniffing—doing a lot of sniffing. Since leaving the league, Taylor’s been arrested a handful of times for drug possession, was caught by the IRS filing a false tax return, and declared bankruptcy in the late 90s.



*You should have your taxes by now. Look at how much you made last year. Where did it go? Make a vow that at this time next year, you will know exactly where all of your money went. There are apps and websites that can help with this. And whatever you do, don’t be like the greatest linebacker ever and waste it all and then file a false tax return.


Gavin DeGraw 1977

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“Everything Will Change”

Album: “Make A Move” (2013).

“Everything changes. Life happens in stages. You won’t have your story without turning pages.”

Hard times will pass. It is important to be strong and push through the bumpy roads because, one day, everything will be the way it is supposed to be and you will be happy.



*Regardless of what stage of life you are in, listen to Gavin DeGraw today. He will help get you to turn the pages.


Charles Lindbergh 1902 – Swedish butter cookie

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As Charles wrote, “My mother often made a Swedish butter cookie — very rich, yellow, and in the form of an O. This was my favorite cookie.”


Lindbergh, Charles Augustus (1902-1974), an American aviator, made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean on May 20-21, 1927. Other pilots had crossed the Atlantic before him. But Lindbergh was the first person to do it alone nonstop.


*Enjoy making this delicious Swedish butter cookie as you listen to Gavin DeGraw.

SNUB – Alice Cooper

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  • How can you change people’s lives?
  • Push-pull workout
  • Ride the city bus
  • Know where your money goes
  • Listen to Gavin DeGraw
  • Make Swedish Butter Cookies